100 Things I’m Thankful For – (Part 4: 76-100)

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Take full account of the excellencies which you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not. — Marcus Aurelius

Part 1: 1-25 (people related)
Part 2: 26-50 (things)
Part 3: 51-75 (actions)

  1. mom’s cooking
  2. having events to look forward to
  3. my parents are still together
  4. having gone to college
  5. the college experience – sharing a dorm room, roomies, boys, classes, parties
  6. the all-girl high school experience
  7. the sacrifices my parents made for the above
  8. my wide-eyed wonder of the world, though it’s kind of dorky
  9. cheesy jokes
  10. the cozy feel of scented candles and a blanket
  11. that I get along with my coworkers and boss
  12. sharing such a fun and meaningful New Years tradition with Kim
  13. creative play
  14. health insurance
  15. leaving work at work (such a breath of fresh air in comparison to last year)
  16. my ability to maintain close friendships despite physical distance
  17. my ability to navigate conversations with strangers
  18. my bestie handing down her laptops to me!
  19. resilience
  20. the liberties that come with living alone
  21. make out sessions that are just make out sessions
  22. discovering new music
  23. only 5 more days of National Blog Posting Month
  24. ability to schedule blog posts while I’m in Houston and am without reliable internet connection
  25. 2010 being all in all a great year filled with many lessons

Happy Thanksgiving!! How are you spending today?