100 Things I’m Thankful for (Part 1: 1-25)

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
– Marcel Proust

I’ve been planning this series since last year when I did 3Ten Things I’m Thankful forposts during November. This year, I’ll be making 4 lists of 25 things I’m grateful for to post every Thursday this month. I roped my bestie to do the same and she told me her first list of 25 is the “people” edition. So I took a cue from her and did the same. (Thanks, Mef!)

Here are numbers 1-25 of my 100 things I’m Thankful for List.

  1. Good health of my family and friends
  2. Shedding of toxic friendships
  3. Rekindling of previously lost relationships
  4. Best friends and surrogate sisters
  5. Love and support of my parents
  6. Sharing a good laugh with my people
  7. Date nights with my man
  8. Date nights with my friends
  9. Trips back home to Houston
  10. Phone conversations with long-distanced friends
  11. Reunions
  12. My half-sister finding me on Facebook
  13. Watching my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters grow in the almost three years I’ve known her
  14. Watching the boys I babysit grow from newborns to rambunctious three and seven year old boys
  15. Being up with my dude when it feels like everyone on our side of the world is asleep
  16. Spending Christmas day with my BFF last year and this coming year
  17. People who read my dribble on the blog (Hi!)
  18. People who read and comment on my dribble on the blog (Hi!)
  19. Snail mail – All snail mail but namely regular correspondence with my Sarah (Hi!)
  20. Forgiving and Forgiveness
  21. Role models who inspire me to do better, think better, and be better
  22. Having an extensive archive of all the Gchats my BFF and I have ever had
  23. Google searching our archives to mediate our arguments
  24. Having enough security, trust, and love in relationships that it feels safe to fight and argue
  25. Having enough history and love in relationships that the lines between friends and family start to blur

Basically, I’m thankful for the people in my life.

Part 2: 26-50

Question: Whom are you thankful for?