2009 Resolutions

– Have a full year’s worth of expenses (rent, bills, food) saved up in my emergency fund. I think I just need 6K more since my CD will mature in June. Reevaluate this goal if I move/rent goes up when my lease ends in July.
– If I have leftovers, (which I doubt) max out my Roth IRA.
– If I have leftovers after that, (which I HIGHLY doubt) attack my student loans in the same manner I attacked my car loan last year.

– Read 20 books (double from last year’s total of 10)
– Take an art class. (Fused Glass perhaps?)
– Write in my paper main journal once a week.
– Write in my 5 year journal every day. (I started on New Year’s Day!) I think I can spare 6 lines a day.
– Finish 3 short stories for Ink Spots.
– Add on one new state to my list.
– Continue doing my new things of the week (going on year 4 now!)

– Do three volunteer projects with my little from Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. Maybe at the food bank?
– Run another 5k.
– Honor my relationship with my little by seeing her regularly, 2-3 times a month.

– To not let my ego get in the way of my relationships and communication in my relationships.
– Keep my apartment pristine.
– Work out 3 hours a week.
– Keep my sleep amount average at 7 hours. (It’s currently at 6! I’ve moved it from my previous average of 3 hours.)