Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 63)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk booze.

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For those who cannot watch videos, I demonstrated how drinking makes me turn pink or red. I also talk about how I hold a drink in my hand to keep others from buying me more. Party trick!


It’s almost Race for the Cure day in Austin. I’m a bit late to sign up and to begin fundraising but I finally registered. I hope to raise $500 dollars. Kind of a little high for less than a month of soliciting my friends (i.e. you). Segue! If you could spare a few dollars, please consider sponsoring me by going to my Race for the Cure page.


On Monday, I posted about how the Internet made me happy, a collection of 3 mini stories about how the Internet has gifted me wonderful friends and ways to stalk them effectively. Tuesday night I watched Oprah’s second Life Class Lesson. It was all about forgiveness and brought to light that I’m one very angry girl. I’m holding onto a grudge against someone I really love. Watching this class within a day of reading Katie’s post, Coming First, Ashley’s post about Self-Love, and emails with my girlfriends about getting better at life may have overstimulated me.

I tweeted that my heart felt raw and open and that I might be crying for no reason.

Yeah. Melodramatic!

Hours later, Ashley and Peter surprised me with a delivery of a pizza gift card.

It really touched me because I wasn’t in crisis. I was just overwhelmed with a lot of inspiration and messages from the “Universe.” But here are two people I met online and they reached out and did something sweet for me. It humbled me because really, if this is the support I get when I’m not in crisis? Shoot man, I think I will be okay if ever shit hits the fan.


I wrote my first guest post and it was posted yesterday over at My post is entitled, 40 Small and Affordable Ways to Seek Adventure. Please go read!


I’ve been focusing on facing fears and taking baby steps towards conquering fear. Not just on behalf of my unwilling dog, but for me. One area in my life that could use a little more boldness is cooking. Admittedly, it’s an easier fear to tackle but hey, I like chipping away at big goals with easy tasks first.

What’s so scary about cooking? I’m scared of things tasting like crap. I’m scared of throwing out food. I’m scared of embarrassing myself when Alan tries a dish and spits it out. (He only did that once but I nearly poisoned him with vinegar.) I’m scared of going to the Asian store and not knowing where to find the ingredients labeled in my recipe in English but displayed in the stores in Vietnamese/Korean/Chinese.

So this year, I thought I’d finally bite the bullet and face my cooking fears. I love Vietnamese food and am a Vietnamese girl but until this year, didn’t know how to make one dish. I resolved to make 10 and after this past week, I’m at five! Sunday night I made my first Vietnamese Chicken Curry. Thus far, the “scariest” Vietnamese dish I’ve made.

It wasn’t hard and it tasted great!

Further demonstration that fear is just in our silly heads.


Your girl was on cable TV on Tuesday!

More obnoxious screenshots from my TV can be found on my food blog. Better yet, last night I found this link with the actual clip.

It was a fun experience and I’m happy to have shared it with some sweet friends.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ making Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Ca Ri Ga) and Alan calling it “awesome” ♥ cooking advice delivered by my mom via the phone ♥ meeting Treavor ♥ book mail from Ashley ♥ food bloggers’ dinner date ♥ This American Life podcasts ♥ making my first cheesecake and it turning out swell ♥ Take 3 ♥ GChat catch up with Nicole ♥ couch time ♥ eating with my plastic neon green Keroppi spoon ♥ cheesecake for breakfast ♥ cuddle time with Bob ♥ you if you’re reading this ♥ finally sending out the letters I meant to send out weeks ago ♥ celebrating my little from Big Bro/Big Sis’s 12th birthday with grilled cheese sandwiches

Questions: What was the last “scary” thing you did? How did you feel after you did it?