Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 87)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we discuss our favorite beauty products.

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I don’t really have favorite beauty products so instead I just did my makeup for you. Now you get to see that I’m a makeup bum.


This morning is an off morning. I had to do the vlog twice since I accidentally deleted the first one. Then I left my phone at home. How am I suppose to become mayor of my work place if I leave my phone at home?!

Also, I use the Evernote app for my grocery list and I’m grocery shopping right after work today. I like to have my list (organized my aisle) on my phone with links to the recipes to reference in case I need to fact check my list. I’ve been spoiled by technology. It’s going to make me a little twitchy this afternoon when I break out the pen and paper.



15 days til road tripping to Arkansas with Treavor!
41 days til Vegas with Bloggers in Sin City!
83 days til Pittsburgh to visit my sister!
147 days til Suki visits me!
175 days til Seattle with BFF!


I’ve fallen off the Draw Something bandwagon but have boarded the Instragram for Android bandwagon. I haven’t posted yet but you can follow me at “curiousnotions”.


Alan and I didn’t win the lottery. No six month vacation for us. We planned on taking care of the folks and then getting on a plane and flying to random places. Hong Kong for a bit. Amsterdam for another bit. Alas, the odds were not in our favor.


I’m inching closer to the last year of my twenties.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ writing morning pages ♥ an exciting conversation ♥ everything about the previous weekend ♥ giving Bob doggy ice cream to abate the guilt I had for clipping one of his nails too bloody short ♥ being conscious that life is really good ♥ mom sending me to Austin with her pho ♥ starting morning 3 emails with Suki ♥ scheming with Treavor ♥ Fancy Dress Night and Alan being my date ♥ miscommunication at work and three people bringing donuts instead of one ♥ finishing American Gods ♥ Starting BossypantsCindy motivating to get off my arse and get something done

Question: What is something you keep putting off?

  • Photos of Fancy Dress Night – PLEASE! :)

  • I downloaded instagram too but haven’t done anything w/ it either. I’m loveaffairpaper like my twitter handle. As for makeup, I collect it & love it but then realize that I don’t use it all that much-what a waste of $. I’m working on that. Have a good wknd!

    •  Left my phone at home but I’ll be sure to add you! I’ll be my first add!

  • mef

    You only put eyeliner on the bottom of your eye?

    • Yes! Do you put both top lid and bottom lid?

      • mef

        Um. Yes? Why do you not put it on your top lid? It never occurred to me to put it on just one lid.

        • Because the line squiggles when I do the top lid.


          • mef

            The line squiggles????

          • I can’t draw straight on the top lid!! hahaahaha


          • mef

            OKAY. I’m so tickled with you.

        •  Actually, isn’t that an Asian thing? To only put it on the bottom lid? You CAN put it on the top lid, but it tends to disappear into the folds of our eyelids. :-/

          • mef

            I did not realize that. I would have thought since I could see eyelashes on the upper lid, you would be able to see the liner as well.

          • Then again, the last time I used makeup seriously (as in to make myself look pretty, not some crazy Halloween makeup) was like…3 years ago? Yeah. So I’m TOTALLY one to give out accurate information, haha. But I think I did recall that when my friends were trying to tutor me, haha.

  • Hooray for motivation! I’ll be expecting a followup from you next week! :D

  • I fell off the Draw Something bandwagon, too. It just got too much for me! 

    Happy Friday!

  • I’m jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, too! I tried searching for you, but your name didn’t pop up! :(

    Currently putting off my half-marathon training. I’m actually to the point where I should probably just start over again. :P

  • Don’t hate but I can’t remember your birthdate. Facebook kept me up on birthdays!!! :[

  • Finally someone else has dropped off the DrawSomething bandwagon! I deleted it about 2 weeks ago and all my friends continue to call me insane. I choose to call it gaining my sanity BACK. Ha. :) I can’t remember if I follow you on Instagram or not but I’ll have to check it out! I’m ‘mliss024’. Have a lovely weekend! 

  • I downladed instagram too, but haven’t messed with it yet.