Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 154)


Last week of the month means free topic week on Totes Awesome Channel!

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When I was in high school I was lucky enough to be at Rice University when Nelson Mandela was accepting the Enron Prize for Distinguished Public Service. I will always regret not fully appreciating the experience as a 16 year old. The video and audio clip of that speech can be found here.


This was the first week I had Bob with me at my new rental while working. He has never been left alone for longer than 5-6 hours and usually had Alan to let him out whenever he wanted since Alan worked from home. To help with the feelings of boredom and isolation, I thought I’d move his exercise to the mornings before I leave for work. I now wake up at 5:30 to walk him for an hour before heading out. Also, now that I’m a single dog parent, I no longer can stop on my way home for dinner or happy hour. Another new level to the life changes!


Speaking of Bob. He has his own Instagram now.


It’s day 6 of my Fear Factor December project. Last night, I spent an hour in a sensory deprivation chamber and it was amazing. I plan on writing a more detailed post about the experience but suffice it to say it feels like you’re floating in space and not salt water. I still am not sure what fear I’m facing today but tomorrow I have an acupuncture appointment with Mary Ellen!


From Day 3 of Fear Factor December:

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This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ the hour I spent in a float tank ♥ coworkers who contribute with ideas and materials for my Fear Factor December project ♥ a late start to work today because of the weather ♥ quiet morning walks first thing in the morning ♥ watching Bob the dog twitch and occasionally bark in his sleep ♥ mom’s food for work lunches ♥ health insurance ♥ eating Harry Potter beans with Anita ♥ Having one of my closest friends in the same town and at the same work place! I still can’t believe it. ♥ plans to watch Catching Fire this weekend ♥ moving my desk closer to a window at work

Question: What are you looking forward to in December?