2014 Resolutions

In 2008, I made 17 goals and completed 14.

In 2009, I made 17 goals and completed 7.

In 2010, I made 20 goals and completed 14.

In 2011, I made 18 goals and completed 13.

In 2012, I made 17 goals and completed 12.

In 2013, I made 16 goals and completed 8.

That’s an average of 17.5 goals a year. In the last 6 years, I’ve always had my goals mostly drafted up by November of the previous year. After ending such a long relationship, I’ve unmarried myself to so many projections of my future that I feel pretty rootless right now. It surprises me that I’m relearning who I am because one of the biggest facets of my personality is that I’m very goal driven. This free floating existence I’m living right now is surprising me.

This year, I’m going to strive towards only five. I hope to learn how to relax and how to breathe. I will channel the butterfly and see what pretty flowers I land on with the space I cleared out.

(In 2014, I resolve to go to Greece, visit four new states, save some money for parents’ retirement gift fund, pay down almost one half of my student loans, and read fifty books.)

photo credit: Thomas Chen Photography