28 Awesome Experiences from My 28th Year

I turn 29 today and it has been customary for me to post a list of some sort on my birthday. I don’t have any shared life lessons to share so thought I’d tell you about 28 things I’ve done in the last year that I really enjoyed doing.

  1. A few days after my 28th birthday, Vlog Every Day in August (VEDA) started. I completed my 2nd year doing VEDA despite being out of town twice (once was out of the country!) and moving. We’re gearing up for VEDA Year 3. The people of VEDA are just sweet and adorable, evident from this surprise video from a bunch of them today:

  2. I moved in with a boyfriend for the first time. It was a challenging experience but we’re about to sign our second lease!

  3. I left the country for the first time in 10 years and went to Vancouver, which is currently my favorite city!
  4. I adopted my first dog, Bob! Since then I taught him how to sit, shake, rollover, play dead, and act like a thug.
  5. I went to Bloggers in Sin City for the first time and had a grand time.

  6. I visited Arkansas for the first time, crossing one more state off my 50 states goal. In Arkansas, I climbed my first mountain on Earth Day with Treavor.

  7. In November, had the most perfect day with Kim and Thomas and friends. We ate a lot of food, wore sparkly tattoos, and learned how to fold paper cranes. Later in April, Kim and I scattered the cranes from the perfect day around Houston.

  8. I saw the bats in Austin for the first time.

  9. I dramatically decreased my meat intake.

  10. I hosted a “Never Have I Ever” dinner party and tried my first meal worms.

  11. Had a special tasting menu centered around bone marrow made especially for Kim and me. Read about the fun and unique experience on my food blog.

  12. I judged my first food contest! Volunteered as a cupcake tasting judge at That Takes the Cake.

  13. Became a more active member of Austin Food Bloggers Alliance by joining a couple of committees and have met so many powerful women through this organization. This fairly new organization is a constant source of inspiration.

  14. I shot my first real bow and arrow and got my face painted for the first time.

  15. I finally graduated from a dinosaur phone to a smart phone! What a life changing move that was!

  16. I started cooking 4-6 times a week, thus improving my cooking skills.

  17. I had my first cable TV show cameo! I ate fried bacon wrapped pickle for Eat St.

  18. Had my first TV news bit, promoting Dishcrawl.

  19. Worked with Dishcrawl as a brand ambassador and launched them in Austin. What a growing experience this was and continues to be!

  20. I made my first Vietnamese chicken curry and it was delicious!

  21. I went to my ten year reunion!

  22. I saw Snoop Dog in concert and Kevin James live.

  23. Made my first cheesecake! Making cheesecake has been on my life’s list for years now but I was just so scared of screwing it up. I rocked it! Maybe this year I’ll tackle roasting a whole chicken.
  24. I learned how to skip rocks, another thing that’s been on my life’s list for years.

  25. I reunited with my sister for the first time in 17 years and met my niece and nephew for the first time.
  26. Kim and I turned our daily morning ritual of sending each other three good things in our lives into a blank journal you can buy off Amazon.

  27. I completed my second year of doing Sketchbook Project.

  28. Accepted a job offer yesterday! Though I am really sad to leave my current work team, I’m excited to start my year with a new position that will hopefully offer more growth and opportunities.

28 has been sweet to me. Cheers to being 29 now! Thank you much for following along.