30 Days of Vegetables, Part 1

As mentioned in my bad habits vlog, I am horribly unhealthy. I’ve stopped regularly working out at the end of 2009 and have not gotten back on the horse. I rarely eat vegetables, hardly touch fruits, and don’t sleep enough ever. So when I was lucky to secure one of fifty spots in the Habit Course Beta Version, I just knew I wanted the habit to be health related.

The goal of the Habit Course is to develop one good habit by doing it for 30 days straight. I decided that my habit should be eating vegetables with the daily trigger being lunch time. I chose lunch time because on weekdays, it’s just a matter of packing my lunch with vegetables. I pack my lunch anyway. This takes out the hemming and hawing of deciding what vegetables to eat. An additional benefit is if I somehow miss eating vegetables at lunch, I have one more meal time to achieve the daily goal.

So I’m keeping a diary of my experience anyway, why not publish it on my blog?

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Day 0:

Bought a bag of spinach and 5 Roma tomatoes to pack as side salads for lunches at work.

Day 1:

Goal completed. French dressing is good. Inadvertently overdressed my salad.

Day 2:

Goal completed. Feeling motivated.

Day 3:

Went home from work early because sick. Stuck spinach and tomatoes in my Korean ramen. Went to the grocery store to buy some oranges, bananas, and OJ to help battle my cold. Had a banana snack and drank some OJ.

Day 4:

Breakfasted on a banana. Back at work. Ate salad dutifully. Snacked on half an orange.

Day 5:

Feeling empowered. Cannot remember if ever I had 5 days straight of vegetables as an adult.

Day 6:

First weekend. Uh oh. Weekends are going to be hard. Today, I had Madam Mams with friends from Houston. My favorite entree at Madam Mams is the Pad Kee Mao which has some basil leaves and that’s the extent of the vegetables. Decided that these sparse basil leaves cannot count as a serving. Vince didn’t eat the stems to his Chinese Broccoli in his stir-fry so I nibbled on those. Decided that the broccoli stems count as a half serving.

Still had dinner to get the second half of the portion to vegetables and I was babysitting. Babysat at a carnival where they only had candy, burgers, and fries available for consumption. Loaded up on some lettuce and tomatoes on the burger. Reluctantly decided goal has been accomplished.

Day 7:

Stayed over at Alan’s last night and stayed up til 4 am. Had a 1:20 pm matinee today with some girlfriends. Set alarm for 11:00 to give me time to go home and make a salad with lunch before going to movies. After assembling the salad, realized left dressing at work. Contemplated scrapping the salad all together but grudgingly made a trip to the store to grab dressing. Whew. Still in it!

7:00 pm Worked out for the first time in a long long time. Stayed at the gym for over an hour.

Day 8:

Last of spinach in the bag. BFF suggested I experiment with other veggies. Snacked on an orange. My arms, shoulders, back, abs, and legs are sore from yesterday’s work out.

8 pm Tried out the Jillian Michaels DVD with Naz. Noticing a ripple effect. Eating veggies has caused a small ripple in eating fruits and working out.

Day 9:

Finished my bag of spinach so experimenting with new bagged greens, mixed lettuce. Romaine, Butter-head, and Sweet Leaf. Was under the impression that lettuce carried no nutritional value, but I was wrong.

Did another session of Jillian Michaels. Ow. When was the last time I worked out three days in a row?

Day 10:

Ate my salad of mixed lettuce and cucumber. Came to the conclusion that I do not like cucumber unless in a sandwich or pickled. Or infused into water.


So that concludes the first 10 days. I’ll give you another peek at the vegetable diary in ten days. I noticed something neat in all my thirty day endeavors (VEDA, NaBloPoMo, etc); striving towards doing something every day is a lot easier than doing it just a few times a week. My success rate in completing every day tasks is a lot higher than striving to do something 1-3 times a week.

Question: What daily habit could you benefit from starting?

  • Danielle

    Wow! Proud of you! You look incredible for not working out…the daily habit for me would be working out. I also use Jillian Michael’s dvds & man does she work you hard.

    • Aw, thanks Danielle! Jillian Michael’s is the devil! My friend Naz actually is doing it and I decided to keep her company yesterday and the day before. Working out isn’t what I’m focusing on but it’s neat to see that I’m up for it spontaneously now.

  • I’m so proud of you, Linda! You’re doing great!! Yay, veggies!!

    I could definitely benefit from starting to exercise daily! Sometimes, I get so lazy that I just do NOTHING. Blah!

    • Thanks, Stephany! Your blog is one of the only health oriented blogs I read so I think it did some priming. Priming me to finally climb this stupid mountain.

  • Do you do just spinach and romas? Seems sparse… haha.

    • Hi Nic!
      bacon bits and hard boiled eggs and croutons :) my favorite parts.

  • Anonymous

    I could definitely benefit from working out on a daily basis. :-P

    On a side note, have you tried making chips out of your veggies? It is SO easy and really, really delicious. It makes me WANT to eat veggies. I could eat an entire bunch of kale in one sitting this way. Here’s a post where I made them with kale, but I’ve also made them with collard greens and seen recipes for making them with TONS of other veggies (carrots, beets, dandelion greens, etc. etc.). The ones made with leafy greens are great mashed into rice with an over easy egg on top.


    • This sounds more up my alley than raw veggie/salads! I will have to experiment soon. Thanks for showing me the way. :)

      If you only knew how addicted to chips I am!

      • Anonymous

        I can almost guarantee that you will LOVE these. They’re the best way to eat vegetables I’ve ever met!

  • mef

    You have been inspiring me to make sure I get plenty of vegetables since you started this too. Unfortunately the working out part hasn’t rubbed off though…

    • Ah I’m meh about the working out, it helps to have a buddy. It was a blessing to be surrounded by girls who need motivation to work out.

      Also, how about you buy a hula hoop?! That sounds like a fun way to work out.

      • mef

        Um. I do not see myself buying a hula hoop anytime soon.

  • Tessmarshall

    This is so cool. I’m in the group as well and doing 5 minutes of meditation daily. It’s been a great experience so far!

    • Hi! So nice of you to come by. I’m glad you’re having a positive experience as well. We’re almost half way through the month already. Great habit. Good luck :)

  • I love veggies! Good lucky, lady! I know you can do it. I need to start working out again, badly.

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