4th Annual New Year’s Balloon Release

A couple of days ago I took part in the 4th year of my absolute favorite holiday tradition. Kim and I have been releasing balloons in honor of New Years for four years now. (Read about the tradition here.) One balloon with a quotation about letting go and a list of things we’re letting go from the current year and avoiding in the upcoming year (Liars and cheaters always make the “avoiding” list). Another balloon listing all our hopes and desires (meeting Oprah always makes this one) for the upcoming year with corresponding quotation.

This year we did two quotations per balloon. For our releasing 2010 balloon, we chose:

“Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life.”

– Mary Manin Morrissey

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for & attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.”

– Dalai Lama

And for our embracing the new year balloon, we chose:

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”

– Neil Gaiman

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

– Oprah

Cheers to magic and dreams and good madness!

Question: How do you plan on ringing in the New Year?