5 Ways I Save Money

This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupons. All opinions are my own.

5 Ways to Save Money

My budget suffered a severe tightening after I was laid off last year. I’m now partially employed and am entrenched in the gig economy, which means I’m never sure what I’m bringing in each month. Though I was never an extravagant spender, I had to bring in the reins on my spending. Here are 5 ways I’ve tweaked my financial habits.

1. I ask myself if I can get it at home or get it free some how. For example, sometimes I want to make a latte run. I know that coffee is only about five dollars per cup, but I have the supplies I need to make delicious Vietnamese coffee at home and we have free Starbucks at my part-time day job. Less cups of coffee bought while out, more money in the bank!

2. I check for coupons on sites like Groupon Coupons. Often sites like these have partnerships with major companies like Turbo Tax. (Did you guys file your taxes on time?)

3. I check if my credit card has a partnership with any of the companies I’m purchasing from. I use the Chase Sapphire card which earns me travel points. When I need to make a purchase, I scan their partnerships to see if I can earn a higher point ratio with any of their preferred vendors. It’s an easy way to rack up points for products and services I’m going to buy anyway.

4. I find new ways to socalize. I’ve been doing more errand dates and walking dates. My friend Stephanie and I once bought coupons for oil changes, met at the mechanic’s and then caught up over adult coloring books while we waited. I also entertain in our apartment more instead of eating out.

5. I maintain current good practices, which includes, not using the emergency fund unless there’s a real emergency, paying off all credit card balances every month, borrowing from the library when possible, and cooking most of my meals.

Question: What are some financial habits you swear by?