7 Quick Takes Friday (2)


This weekend one of my top priorities is to do laundry. I haven’t done it in over two weeks and today at work I’m wearing my I-can-see-your-butt-cheeks-jeans (formerly known as my “babysitter jeans” until it got demoted). Rest assured, I’m still modestly covered thanks to a super long cardigan.


This video had me giggling like a maniac.


My last two blog posts are book reviews and I have 3 more that I want to write and share. I’m half way through another book that I’m sure will be done by the weekend so that’s 4 book reviews. Just to give you a heads up there will be a theme next week on Curious Notions. :)


I had a wonderful and inspiring conversation with Nev of Nevblog.com. We catch up every few months and I always walk away from our conversations super motivated and inspired. He gave me great tips geared towards watering and growing my food blog. He reminds me all the time just by example to dream bigger. If you go to his blog and sift through his posts you’ll definitely see what I mean. I’m thankful to know him.


A close friend who lives in Madison, WI just made a bold move in pursuing her happiness which may have her leaving Wisconsin in the summer. I want to visit every state in the US and am only at, what, 14? With her maybe leaving, I’m contemplating going to eat cheese in Wisconsin. When else would I go?


I had a light butt cheek itch just now and forgot I was wearing my butt cheek jeans and shocked myself when I scratched skin. Yes. You needed to know that and I needed 2 more things to share.


This week, I’m done with juggling two jobs til my night job starts again mid March. I guess that’s why I don’t have many quick takes to share, I’ve been waking up at 6am and working til 10pm. Not much to update you on when I’m in this routine. Suffice to say, I’m content in life right now.