7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 4)


Last week, a huge dust bunny appeared in our stairwell at work. A few days later, a sign went up.

RIP dust bunny


This tickled me so greatly, I thought I’d share. Also, it’s now almost been two weeks and both sign and dust bunny are still there.


A few days ago at my night job, someone was chatting us girls up when he interrupted himself and said, “There’s a cow in the parking lot.” None of us believed him. I know I live in Texas ya’ll but
really I haven’t seen any cows up close and personal except for in the first grade on a field trip. I spot them from far away when I drive from Austin to Houston but no cows have I seen in either city. The dude was right though. There was a cow in our parking lot! I snuck out there and got as close as I could muster and snapped a picture for you. It didn’t happen unless I have a picture to prove it.



The ladies at my night job and I are doing a potluck Monday night and the theme is Italian night. I work a full time day job so it’ll be best to do something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I was thinking desserts… Hmm. I would love ideas if you have any.


Sunday, Jamie and I have a cooking date. We’re going to tackle making fried dumplings! The recipe will be from a cookbook I won from SteamyKitchen.com at TECHmunch, the food blogging workshop I mentioned last week for 7 Quick Takes.


My layout at GirlEatsWorld.curious-notions.net is generating a lot of overhead. I don’t know what that means other than it spits out an internal error and I have to contact our domain host to “optimize” it. This means I’m now in the market for another layout which makes me sad because I really enjoy the layout that I have. Go ahead and take a peek at it before it goes away… That blog has become my baby.


I miss Houston. I’m going for a weekend in a couple of weeks for my Daddy’s birthday. I cannot wait to see some Houston friends, eat some Houston foods, eat Momma food, and take my dad out to a birthday brunch at my most favorite restaurant.


I’ve reached my saving’s goal for a year’s worth of emergency fund. Now I need to make a few more new goals. I’m thinking I might try to dabble in stocks which is a daunting task for me. I own a total of one stock. And that is Google. That’s the extent of my experience. Ha! Also, am waiting for my free 2,500 Continental miles to kick in from doing a buddy a favor and opening a Chase bank account. I wanna see a little bit more of the world, please.