Awesome Things in My Life

♥ friends who show up with encouraging words, surprises, messages, phone calls, hugs ♥ getting Bob the dog for Thanksgiving ♥ my work computer is a laptop so I can bring it home to use personally ♥ scented candles ♥ no cable but finally have a reason to watch DVDs ♥ noodles ♥ loving a handful of my coworkers ♥ my best friend becoming a coworker ♥ good books ♥ gorgeous journals ♥ supportive parents ♥ Youtube for all the funny dog and baby videos ♥ good chocolate stashed in a bucket at work ♥ friends being in from out of town for Thanksgiving ♥ Houston ♥ Austin ♥ airline miles ♥ getting along with my new roommate ♥ being on good terms with Alan ♥ being employed ♥ (with benefits) ♥ being matched with my little from Big Brothers and Big Sisters for going on six years ♥ Thanksgiving picnic tradition ♥ New Year’s Balloon/ Paper Lantern tradition ♥ funny emails with girlfriends ♥ my DSLR ♥ learning how to use the DSLR with help from friends and the internet ♥ the internet ♥ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♥ Ally McBeal ♥ phone dates ♥ perfect rainy day spent touring art studios ♥ things to look forward to on my calendar ♥ possibilities ♥ my sister ♥ friendships that have lasted longer than the average seven years ♥ perfect cups of coffee ♥ perfect cups of tea ♥ mom’s cooking ♥ employment ♥ sweet new roommate ♥ coworkers who have become more than just work friends ♥ free wifi while traveling ♥ traveling ♥ people watching ♥ today I had two back to back friendship dates that were three hours long each ♥ adventurous friends ♥ friends who let me call just to cry ♥ daily phone calls to the parents ♥ living three hours away from parents and friends in Houston

Question: What’s awesome in your life?

  • This is such a fantastic list. I’m grateful for having found you. So many awesome things in my life too. Beginning with my husband, family, pups, friends and business…

  • lisasyarns

    This is a really great list. I am so glad that you have so much awesomeness in your life and can recognize that even now when you are going through a tough time. What’s awesome in my life is that I am financially independent, able to afford to travel, have my health, have a great job w/ great benefits, and have family and friends who are incredibly supportive, among many many other awesome things.