We’ve known each other for years and I’ve always admired his curly hair. He keeps bottled green tea for me in his fridge even though he doesn’t like the taste. He has in just a month’s time met so many important people in my life. He rewards me with cupcakes for small victories and suggested I stop apologizing when I accidentally headbutt him, because he knows accidental headbutts and elbowing are just simply going to be an ever present thread in our story. I always leave him feeling drunk whether or not I had a sip of alcohol. Sometimes we cuddle together with one of our dogs (we have yet to get both dogs to cuddle at once) and I am feeling so content it almost makes me sad because it’s impossible to be anywhere forever no matter how happy I’m feeling. He once offered to hold my coat in a bar and I teased him.

“What will I do if I get used to this kind of treatment and you’re not here to hold my jacket or spoil me?”

“Linda, I don’t like your life philosophy sometimes.”

“What do you mean?”

“When something good is offered, you should enjoy it instead of worrying about not having it.”

So here I am. Enjoying us and trying not to worry.