Bloggers in Sin City 2012 Recap

First Impressions

  • Suki, Jenna, and Grace are really tall. I’ve met Ameena once before so her height wasn’t a first impression, but her awesome dancing was!
  • Doni gives great hugs.
  • I have a girl crush on Swappy. Her dancing at the Chateau had me in stitches. I am looking forward to her possibly guest vlogging for Totes Awesome Channel.
  • Caryn is adorable. She tried to get me to go last year but I chickened out since I knew no one. Every time we ran into each other, she wouldn’t let me live it down for not going last year.

  • It didn’t feel like I was meeting Katherine for the first time. I loved that her shoes were their own walking advertisement. (GET IT? WALKING? SHOES?)
  • Kelly has wonderful drawing skills. She can draw a mean pair of eyebrows.

  • Simone totally invited me to Vancouver and I already reminded her of this on Facebook.

  • Almie is terrified of crawfish.


  • Anita and AshleyD make wonderful plane and taxi buddies.
  • AshleyD’s boyfriend, Peter had a fancy cheese and fruit plate delivered to our room.
  • Having drinks in Paris under a real tree.

  • Bypassing the long line at Chateau and having everyone look at us curiously, as if to say, “Who are you?”

  • This really isn’t a highlight but it was equal parts hilarious and scary. A guy approached Nicole, Ashley, and me and said that cabs are too expensive and we should share one. I politely declined for us and he said, “I was just joking! It’s from the movie, Taken.” Uh, you mean the movie where they kidnapped girls after sharing a cab with them and sold them as sex slaves?
  • Starting the trip with my first visit to Lotus of Siam. I have been stalking this place for two years! As soon as we got our luggage, Anita, AshleyD, and I cabbed it over and met Treavor, Suki, and Donna for a glorious lunch. The photo was taken by Suki. More scrumptious photos from this meal can be found on her blog.

  • Random status texts with Treavor throughout the weekend. We didn’t hang out much but when we did it was so lovely just to touch him. Literally.

  • Frozen chocolate shots from Serendipty 3.

  • Totes Awesome Channel bought friendship necklaces.
  • A cheesecake filled crepe from Max Brenner.

  • Seeing Zumanity at New York, New York. It was my second time seeing the show in five years and I really appreciated that they kept the one act I loved and changed the others. Not because I didn’t like it the first time but because it felt like a brand new show.

  • Texting Bri for the first time ever.

  • Walking around the world’s largest chandelier and having a moment with Ashley.

  • Texas bloggers taking a photo together. Can you spot all the Texas college football hand signals?

  • VEDA participants taking a photo together.

  • Nicole, Ashley, and AshleyD. They see each other every three months and I managed to join them every once in a while. I missed out on Boston and will be missing out on Washington and possibly a cruise. There’s just not enough time off work with preexisting trips! I’ve grown to love them so dearly in just a year’s time and we were mostly attached at the hip during the trip. Reuniting under sparkly lights and over Blue Moons and Starbucks was really just the best. It was especially hard to leave.

    Luckily we have next year.

Special thanks to Nicole, Rachel, and Doni for planning such a fantastic event.