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Friday Feels

Friday Feels

This week was unrelenting with terrible news. I’m hoping you find some peace in the company of your loved ones. I’m looking forward to seeing my family in Houston, with pup in tow. I will keep Martin Luther King’s words close. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

Here are this week’s links that made me feel things.

Friday Feels

Friday Feels
Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

I collect these links that make me feel things throughout the week and I noticed a somber theme to this week’s collection. I’ve always believed that grief is the price you pay for love and some of these links have beautifully conveyed that. I made sure to at least make a couple of the videos lighthearted!

  • Nothing is promised. The first piece I read about love suddenly lost. It’s a good reminder that no one knows how much time they have left with their loved ones.
  • The last link mentioned this story.

    But also, it solidified my belief on how vital it is to document your love while you have it. Whether that be through silly personal snaps and videos, or getting the most amazing professional engagement and wedding photographs that you can… Because, as awful as it is to think about, you just never know what might happen.

  • My friend Addie wrote this piece about love lost 10 years later.
  • And lastly, this was a heart-wrenching read about the dissolution of a marriage. What was most heartbreaking to me about this read was the regret. How small decisions can actually be big decisions that irrevocably take you down a path you don’t want. This concludes my list of love lost reads!
  • I already do a handful of these hacks from this list of 102 ways to not let irrational thoughts ruin your life.
  • In a past life, I managed the social media of a company in the transportation industry. I shared fun relevant links on Fridays and would have shared this post of beautiful bridges.
  • My notebooks have always been kind of like besties to me.
  • I’m sometimes guilty of judging someone for being pretentious. This article will help give me pause the next time I find myself judging someone for pretension.
  • Weekend food goal.
  • Personal Plugs

  • This week’s I Feel Better Podcast was about The House on Mango Street.
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Friday Feels


Happy Friday, friends! This week seemed to drag on even though I had a full calendar. I think it was because I missed Sugarface while he was away for work. Good thing I get to see him tonight finally! I hope your weekend is refreshing!

Here’s this week’s list of pieces of the internet that made me feel things.


Friday Feels

Friday Feels

It’s Friday! This short work week felt long to me. I could not shake off the grogginess or the sleepiness! I’m hoping to rest up this weekend and feel better next week. Until then, enjoy this week’s list of things that made me feel feelings.

  • Asian American Actors fighting for visibility.
  • Power of Perception.

    “Because what seems to matter in the end is not so much what happens to us, but how we perceive what happens to us. That perception, ultimately, becomes the world that we will inhabit.”

  • For a laugh, follow this guy on Twitter.
  • Two men I admire sit down for Vietnamese food!
  • Here’s a video of one of those men on the rhetoric of gun control.

  • Blogging isn’t dead. It’s evolving.

  • Brutally honest illustrations.
  • How to be happier.

  • I am just now starting to use Snapchat and I do agree with a lot of this article. Snapchat is where you let your hair down Add me! @curiousnotions.

  • Rhino wanting to be a goat!
  • This woman’s lullaby never fails to put this rescued elephant to sleep.
  • I took a break from this book and have picked it up again and am loving it.
  • Personal Plugs

  • I loved the food shots in my latest food blog post.

  • Latest episode on I Feel Better Podcast is about How to Get Away with Murder.

  • I finally recapped March and April. Which means May is soon coming!

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels

    Happy Friday everyone! I have a busy long weekend this weekend. Heading to Houston tonight to not only see one of my besties get married but also officiate his wedding! Before I head out, here’s my weekly roundup of links that made me feel feelings. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels


    This video of last voicemails gave me goosebumps.

    This exhibit is in California now and I so want to experience it.

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels

    I have so much to catch you guys up on but haven’t had the time or head-space to write it down. Maybe this weekend? Until then, I missed curating my weekly list of things that made me feel things so here’s this week’s list!

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels

    Another week has come and gone. What were your highlights? Mine was cooking my first meal in about a week. Chopping and stirring is my meditation. Enjoy this week’s list of links that made me feel things.

  • This episode of Dear Sugar about messy relationships made me feel things. I wanted to hug everyone who wrote in and make them tea.
  • I loved this story about Jordan Reid getting a breast life and augmentation after having two babies.
  • I finished Not That Kind of Girl and enjoyed it!

  • Starting A Tale for the Time Being next. Bought it while visiting a local Miami bookstore.
  • The internet is not real life.
  • When I was in Miami last weekend, my parents and friend and I wandered into Peter Lik’s photography gallery. We all fell in love with his work.
  • What it’s like to win the travel photo contest at National Geographic.

  • While we’re still talking photography, I find this series enchanting.

  • While this photo series made me smile and giggle. I probably wouldn’t make it past the first glass.
  • Our latest episode of I Feel Better Podcast is about another podcast called Call Your Girlfriend. We also chat about our biggest passions.
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  • Questions: What was the last good book you read? Whatcha doing this weekend?

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels

    I had a jam-packed week with birthdays and events and trying to land freelancing gigs. I’m now catching my breath and traveling today with my parents to Miami. I had money set aside to treat us to a big trip whenever they retire, which they eventually did two years ago. We only used half the funds last year since my mom picked a smaller trip (Vegas). So I’m using the other half on a short weekend trip. One of my best friends lives in Miami and offered up her spare bedroom. I can’t wait to see her and go on another adventure with my folks!

    Here’s this week’s list of links that made me feel things.

  • When women drink alone.
  • I’ve always struggled with leaving gaps in my schedule.

  • Mundane magic.

  • I’ve been behind in my reading goal. Finally finished a book! Read Adultery by Paulo Coelho. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his novels but this one fell a little flat to me.

  • I borrowed Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl for my Miami read.

  • I love “Deloading.” I do this with journaling and Morning Pages.
  • Speaking of journals, Rick Steves on keeping a travel journal.

  • This link is possibly not safe for work, but this is a fun way to learn Photoshop.

  • Jordan is one of my favorite bloggers for years. I skip her beauty and fashion posts and love her personal ones. This one is about her marriage as of late.
  • Tips on how to photograph the sunset.
  • The skinniest house in the world.
  • Do you live in a bubble? Take the quiz!
  • Personal Links

  • I dug up this old blog post of mine to grab a quote for an instagram. I didn’t realize reading it again would make me feel so emotional.

  • Episode 20 of I Feel Better Podcast. We talk about Taylor Swift and our pop culture deal breakers.

    I love the underlying message of this beautiful video. Photographs not only reflect the subject but also the person holding the camera and his or her perspective. I love seeing photographs of people taken by the people who love them.

    Friday Feels

    Friday Feels

    Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have the best weekend. I’m off to go to work and allotting myself a full hour instead of the usual fifteen minutes since I work downtown and the POTUS is in town for SXSW! Hope you enjoy this week’s links that made me feel feelings.

  • NASA Shares the 45 Best Pics from Scott Kelly’s #YearInSpace
  • What women find in friendship that they may not get from love.

    For many women, friends are our primary partners through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses. Even for women who do marry, this is true at the beginning of our adult lives, and at the end — after divorce or the death of a spouse.

    There aren’t any ceremonies to make this official. There aren’t weddings; there aren’t health benefits or domestic partnerships or familial recognition. There has not yet been any satisfying way to recognize the role that we play for one another. But, as so many millions of us stay unmarried for more years, maybe there should be.

  • My friend Neville posted his quote bank.
  • An open letter to strangers who consoled the writer when she learned about her dad’s suicide.
  • Aziz Ansari’s mom recipe for chicken korma.
  • I might write a blog post about how being laid off gave me a new approach to life and friendship. For now, I’ll share you this post from Seth Godin and send love and light to my tribe of supportive friends.
  • 10 adventure loving dogs on Instagram.
  • A dictionary of obscure sorrows.
  • What happens when you put rows of mirrors on a shack in the desert.
  • Personal Plugs (I’ve been busy writing the last two weeks!)

  • Best Thai Restaurants in Austin.

  • Best Date Spots in Austin.

  • Where to eat in Fredericksburg, TX and where to stay.
  • Episode 18 of I Feel Better went up last week! We talk about Stuff Mom Never Told You.

  • And yesterday Episode 19 went up! We discuss the Netflix show LOVE.

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    I’ve shared the written post of the video below before but enjoyed it in video format too.