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Youtube Survey

I’m spending the day near Houston for Texas Renaissance Festival. We’re leaving at 7 in the morning so I thought today is a good day to post a video! Ashley vlogged a Youtube Survey and tagged the other Totes Awesome Channel girls. In this video, I answer these questions:

1) Why are you called that?
2) Tell us about your favourite school teacher
3) What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?
4) Tell us about your first gig
5) What is your favourite place in the world?
6) Who do you want to answer the survey next?

Youtube Link

For the last question, I tagged anyone who has never uploaded a video to the internet. If you have a Gmail account you can use that to sign up for Youtube. Then use your cellphone or your webcam and answer these questions. Finally, upload! If you’ve never talked to a camera, doing it for the first time is kind of exciting.

Happy Election Night

I’m very proud of my country tonight. We have a long way to go still to achieve equality but I’m more hopeful. High fives go to Maine and Maryland. I was at a loss of what to blog about for today’s National Blog Posting Month post. I didn’t want to add to the Election feed clutter, but what else there to talk about today?

Oh, I found my childhood best friend whom I haven’t seen or talked to since we were 13 years old! That was exciting.

Happy Election Night, friends. Get some sleep; it’s a work night!

Shabby Apple’s Light as a Feather

Shabby Apple provided me a beautiful necklace for review. I wore the “Light as a Feather” necklace all weekend. Alan and I trekked it to The Woodlands for the wedding of our two of our dear friends and this was the only necklace I wore. I wore it with a black dress during the rehearsal dinner, with a green cocktail dress on the actual day of the wedding, and with a spring maxi dress on the drive back up to Houston. It was quite versatile!

The gold metal feather stamping suspended on gold chain received a lot of compliments during the weekend. I loved where the necklace sits just under the collar bone. I often wear my necklaces quite low so having it higher up made it easier to wear with higher necklines, like my green dress pictured below but also still be in view for the lower necklines. I’m in love with this addition to my modest jewelry collection.

Lastly, Curious Notions readers get 10 percent off at check out with this code, “curious10off“! Discount code ends a month from today.

Thank you Michael and Tommy for the photos of me. I was not monetarily compensated 
for this post and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 80)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we exchange gifts! My Valentine was Bri. The card still makes me laugh. ♥

Youtube Link


Last night Ashley D and Nicole did their vlog together. Ashley and I had front seats to behind the scenes. (Can you have front seats to behind something?)

Their super giggly vlog:

Youtube Link


Last week I mentioned how disappointed I was in younger Linda for not picking the sweet guys who did the sweetest things. I just wanted to pat younger Linda on the back for having excellent taste in friends. I received Valentines from some cherished friends from college this week.


I promised Danielle that after I finished Psychopath Test, I’d share my thoughts on the blog. I didn’t have any favorite excerpts or strong enough feelings to post a full review but I did enjoy the read! Jon Ronson, author of Men Who Stare at Goats, indulges his fascination with psychopaths. Namely, what are the characteristics of psychopaths and where and how do they operate. He writes about his personal research in a disjointed manner but the content and storytelling is engrossing enough that I didn’t quite care that it wasn’t very cohesive. Also, he notes that as we read the book, we may look at ourselves and grow anxious that we might be psychopaths. He then kindly reassures us that if we are anxious about being psychopathic, we are not psychopathic! Whew!

Great introduction but obviously also a dark read.


Current reads: One Hundred Years of Solitude, I Married Adventure, and American Gods.


This was simultaneously a great and hard week. I’m so glad it’s Friday and I have a fun weekend ahead filled with blogging friends! Most of them nuts for running a half marathon! ;)


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ this vlog (Take 2) ♥ the intro to this vlog ♥ this vlog (It was a good week on TAC) ♥ deep fried avocado stuffed with chicken and doused with sour cream sauce ♥ emailing reactions to Mad Men as I’m having the reactions to Kim ♥ puppy cuddles ♥ emergency stash of chocolate at work ♥ fresh fiscal month ♥ taking myself out on a Valentine date on actual Valentine’s Day since dude was busy (wasn’t that bad!) ♥ fried rice balls ♥ making eggs for breakfast before going to work ♥ work week is finally almost over! ♥ Mad Men marathons with Bob

Question: What made you laugh this week?

Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 78)


It’s the last week of January on Totes Awesome Channel, which means free vlog week!

Youtube Link

I’m sick and I tell you how I got sick. I also explain a few Asian Wedding traditions, tell you what I’m reading, and show you my breakfast.


Yesterday while at work, I received this creepy prank call.

No idea who it was. Probably a friend messing with me. I suspect I was extra spooked because I had just seen this picture and am reading a book about psychopaths.


I’m sure you’ve heard about Susan G. Komen pulling funding from Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings, but have you signed the petition?

I won’t be “running” their race again this year.

Update: I love the power of social media and how it has changed the range of activism.


I really loved the blush one shouldered dress I wore last weekend for a wedding. You can’t see my shoes but they matched perfectly with a shimmery giant bow to the side.

I can’t wait til enough time has passed and there’s a reason to wear it again. (I admit I don’t like repeat outfits in my Facebook albums unless enough time has passed.)


Tonight I’m meeting up with Anita and Ashley. I’ve never met Anita before but she’s going to Bloggers in Sin City and lives in Austin! We’re gathering for a girls’ night in to get to know each other before our trip! I just discovered that Anita is involved with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America like I am and also share the same favorite cupcake establishment.

Anyway, I’m excited. I haven’t seen Ashley since July!


I think about Bob a lot when I’m at work. Is that normal? Alan and I left Bob with Deesh and Bing and their dog, Rogue over the weekend. You should have seen us laying in bed in the hotel room and flipping through pictures of Bob. We were THOSE kind of dog parents.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ BFF coming to a close on her Masters ♥ making chicken and rice porridge for our sick selves ♥ submitting a grant at work without any drama ♥ February is here! ♥ Girls’ Night with Anita and Ashley tonight ♥ authentic Chinese food date with Bing and Deesh ♥ a mellow dog ♥ completing my Sketchbook Project on time ♥ online chat with an old friend ♥ John Coltrone ♥ chocolate croissant ♥ going down memory lane both horrified and tickled by inappropriate wall postings after getting Timeline on Facebook ♥ date night

Question: What are you looking forward to?

Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 77)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we discuss our superstitions.

Youtube Link

I talk about some weird ones I inherited from my mom. Like not gifting drinking glasses, cups, or mugs. It’s supposed to mean the friendship would end. So if I were to give you cups or mugs, I’d ask for a quarter or something to simulate selling instead of gifting. I also talk about two Arabic phrases I picked up as superstitions. Comment below and let me know what your superstitions are. I’d love to know!


Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the Dragon. I meant to mention some Lunar New Year superstitions. A lot of these might just be Vietnamese but here are the ones passed on to me from my mom. We are to eat vegetarian for good luck the first day of the holiday (It’s a two week holiday.) The first day of the year, you’re supposed to have a fairly clean house but you’re not supposed to clean. Also, no taking out the trash! It symbolizes throwing out money. I also read from another Vietnamese blogger that you’re supposed to not wash your hair for that same reason and wear red for prosperity.

I wore red but my hair needs to be washed every day.


I’ve had these kids I babysit for since they were both born. They’re the only kids I babysit. I truly love them. Really. I will always babysit them til they no longer need it or I’m no longer in the same city. Anyway, I’m digging their conversations lately.

4 Year Old:
I had a bad day

8 Year Old:
How come you had a bad day?

4 Year Old:
The other kids laughed at me during lunch.

8 Year Old:
[Redacted], when I was your age and kids laughed at me, I just pretended they weren’t even in the room.

4 Year Old:
Oh! Okay. I’ll try that next time.


One of my goals is to have my mom meet Bob. She’s terrified of dogs. My parents live close to where they run their store. She once walked to the store carrying my dad’s dinner that she had just cooked when a neighborhood dog approached her. What did she do? She threw my dad’s dinner at it!

Recently she cooked me a huge batch of bone marrow. I love bone marrow. (Refer to my Totes Awesome Channel vlog about ideal meals.) I posted the picture of mom’s bone marrow on Facebook and my crass Best Dudie Friend commented, “Oh No! I’m going to miss you, Bob!” I thought it was hilarious and told my mom that BDF thinks she cooked up Bob.

“Tell him how can I cook Bob when I don’t even want to TOUCH Bob?”


The Sketchbook Project needs to be postmarked by Tuesday and I have 13 more pages to complete! Panic!! I’ll be out of town this weekend and busy too so it’ll leave me Sunday night and Monday night. Last year by the first of the year, I had all the pages planned and mostly done! Anyway, want to see two pages of what I have done?



I took today off of work because we’re going to Dallas for the weekend for a wedding. Sadly, there won’t be any time for us to stop by In ‘N Out. I guess I will just wait til when I go to Vegas!


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ a close friend to laugh with and make cleaning dog poop out of my car bearable ♥ a well-timed hug ♥ a supreme burger along side chili cheese fries and a decadent nutella milkshake with chocolate covered pretzel crumbles ♥ new music from Treavor and Peter ♥ planning Valentines with a few girlfriends ♥ authentic Chinese food date with Brandi ♥ cuddles ♥ vote of confidence from Cindy ♥ Deesh and Bing taking in Bob for the weekend ♥ blueberries and strawberries in my cereal ♥ BDF helping my friends draft professional correspondences ♥ BFF helping me come up with 7 quick takes ♥ one of my favorite months drawing near

Question: What are some of your superstitions?

Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 71)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we chat about how our friends feel about us blogging.

Youtube Link

In short, my friends are cool with it.


I’ve been reflecting on 2011, recap to come at the end of December. I’ve had a great year for the most part and am scheming and dreaming about 2012. I love the feel of a fresh new year!


I’m slightly behind in my 31 DIY projects for December but only slightly. I am going to attempt sofa cushions this weekend! This week I added to my Sketchbook Project (forgot to snap those photos) and made a Christmas greeting card.


I sent that Christmas card off along with my package for the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance Gift Swap. The Austin group is swapping with bloggers from Boston Food Blogs. It’s my first blogger gift exchange and it’s so fun!

I’ll show you what I got Teresa after I’m sure she received her package. I always feel great about the things I gift if I want to keep them for myself and I totally wanted to keep everything. I kept smelling the box the day I sent it out. Smelled so good!


I got sick on Monday so this week has been kind of a lazy week. I did manage to cook 2 of the nights and crossed off 1 more person off my Christmas list. I still feel kind of unproductive. Can’t wait to get back into it this weekend. Cleaning, unpacking bags from Thanksgiving (shameful, I know), Christmas shopping, and Christmas parties! This former scrooge is going to Christmas parties! Emphasis on the plural.


Dear friend of Totes Awesome Channel, our dearest friend Nico, who also put together our intro, started to make gifs for us. Let me show off our little collection.

Mine totally makes me want to go, “Weeee!”


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ sick day full of naps and Felicity ♥ close parking spots to office ♥ doggy hugs ♥ date night ♥ sharing a one person recliner with a full size dude and medium size dog ♥ goodies in the mail ♥ sales ♥ this video ♥ homemade banana bread ♥ emergency work stash of locally based dark chocolate ♥ persimmons ♥ awesome coupon deals ♥ take 6

Question: What was the best gift you’ve given?

Letter to BFF

Dear BFF,

I was hoping to write this blog post when I get back to Austin. It’s just easier to blog when in Austin. Unfortunately, I ran into some car problems and am stranded in Houston at least another day so here I am writing an open letter to you from Houston. The good thing is I was able to dig up in my old bedroom photos of you from high school! Look at you over 10 years ago!

I had no idea how lucky I was in high school. To share a city with you and be able to see you at least 5 days a week. We haven’t been able to do that since. With the way things have gone the last decade, I don’t think we’ll ever live in the same city again. When I think about this, it makes me feel a little hopeless. How can we get through never seeing each other? But then I quickly remember we’ve managed to talk for hours most days and are blessed to be able to visit at least once a year. I’m so thankful for this.

It’s also kind of awesome how well we get along despite our glaring differences. I think if we itemize everything, our list of differences would vastly outweigh our list of commonalities. I think my life is made richer not only by our friendship but the difference in perspective you always give me.

I’m so lucky to have grown up with you! Here’s to more growing up. Happiest birthday to you!

Lots and lots of love,

Stream of Consciousness

It’s 9:15 p.m. and I haven’t blogged yet for National Blog Posting month (posting every day in November). I have a morning post for tomorrow planned which is kind of a cheat since it’s just announcing the winner of my giveaway (ends in less than 3 hours!) So I’m opting for my first ever stream of consciousness blog post because I am out of ideas on what to divulge. I wonder if posting every day is making you bored with me. I worry about that.

Alan is away watching football with his friends. He’s reading Hunger Games and it’s the first time we’ve ever discussed books we’ve both read. He’s not done with the first book yet. I’m loving that I can talk books with him even if it’s just for Hunger Games.

I’m really excited about going to Houston. I’m not sure how I’m going to see everyone I want to see and eat everything I want to eat. I really miss my mom.

Have I told you that posting a blog post every day of the month is so hard? I guess it’s apparent since I’m recording my stream of consciousness.

A few of my friends are going through a really tough time right now and I am at a loss of what to do to help. I feel powerless.

I really like the Totes Awesome Channel topic for this week.

I’m hungry for a dream.

Actually, I dream to get paid to eat.

See you tomorrow.

Question: What’s on your mind right now?