It’s been a month and a half of living with Alan. I’ve lived with him once before, four years ago but we were still just platonic friends at that time. He was one of the best roommates I’ve had but we were not sharing a bathroom or bedroom. Shoot, we didn’t have to share a closet! It’s a world of a difference living with him now than it was living with him then.

There was a bit of a culture shock at first. He was shocked I had so much stuff, namely shoes. I am still recovering from the fact that he does not like to sleep with a flat sheet. I knew this about him after years of spending nights at his place, but there’s still some adjusting needed when his bed is also now my bed. There’s no “coming home” to a well-made bed complete with flat sheet after spending a weekend with him. I am already home! Also, there might have been a few incidents where I freaked out about napkins.

Yeah, not pretty.

It’s not all compromises though. There are perks. I don’t have to carry around a clean pair of undies in my purse for spontaneous overnight stays. (This has saved me embarrassment when I dig frantically through my purse for my elusive wallet.) He eats more home-cooked meals. I have easy access to hugs and kisses. His collection of chick flicks has quadrupled. I have more updated news on football. I mean, the list can go on for quite a bit.

All in all, I find cohabitation a great move (ha!) for us. We have grown as a team as our shared responsibilities have increased. I cook and he does the dishes. He takes care of our dog and I do the laundry (he does some folding.) We each pay different bills and come together at the end of the month to work out the gritty details and expenses. We indulge in date nights once a week and eat at the kitchen table at home instead of the coffee table. Perhaps most importantly, being in each other’s space all the time has helped improved our communication.

I’m just very grateful for him and proud of how we’ve navigated living together so far. After deciding to share a place, I remember being terrified about us crumbling. (I have this fear about moving in with all my past roommates.) I’m so happy to report no one has lost any appendages and we’re still loving on each other.

I’m looking forward to creating more memories in our home.

Starting with tonight, since it’s his birthday!

Questions: Thoughts on cohabitation? What are your experiences? Any Life Lessons learned from cohabiting?