dialog at work on a Friday afternoon…

Medical Assistant: Ho-la.
Doctor: What?
Medical Assistant: Ho-la.
Doctor: You know in Spanish, the “H” is silent.
Medical Assistant: I know.
Doctor: You were just saying that to be funny.
Medical Assistant: Yes’m
Doctor: Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Me: You look tanner. Are you tanner?
Doctor: I look tanner? Maybe I have adrenal deficiency

Another MA: I love my dog. My P hyphen nut Butta.
Me: I thought he was just “Peanut”
Another MA: I need to keep it gangsta. So now it’s P-nut Butta. Not butter. Buttah.

Earlier during the week:

Coworker: How do you spell “deficiency”
Me: “T-h-e-f-i-s-h-i-n-t-h-e-s-e-a.”
Coworker: “…. what?!?!?”
Me: “The Fish In the Sea.. T-h-e..>”
Coworker: “DEFICIENCY!”
Me: “you don’t know how to spell deficiency?”