Eight Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

I’ve moved eleven times since 2001 which makes me a bit of packing expert. In fact, I’m gearing up for another move in just three more months. Here’s a list of eight packing tips that have made my life easier when it comes to moving.

Eight Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

  1. Start collecting boxes a couple of months before your move-out date. The last 5 years, I worked in places where we get many shipments and I started to hoard the boxes a couple of months prior to my move-out date. Prior to that, I would check with friends who recently moved or grocery stores.

  2. Right before a move is a good time to declutter, sell, and make donations. The more you get rid of, the less you have to pack. Go through your closet and start taking out what you’ll never wear again. Sell what you can and gift or donate the rest. If you make some cash, maybe you can save it towards your moving expenses!
  3. If you keep your shoes in shoe boxes like I do, you can use the dead space in your shoe boxes to store knick knacks. Just remember to open each box to check for stowaways when you begin the unpacking process.

  4. Find extra padding. I keep a lookout for free bubble wraps as I collect my boxes but they are a bit harder to find for free. I make up for the lack of bubble wrap by being creative. Dirty laundry make great padding for fragile items. T-shirts, kitchen and bathroom rugs, and towels can serve as cushion. Just be sure to launder and clean as you pack and unpack! I have used newspapers, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, rugs, purses, sheets, stuffed animals, pillows as cushions for my breakables.
  5. Label everything. I know this is an obvious one but I’ve witnessed friends not labeling what are in each box they packed and I wondered why they did that to themselves. I even label the box of randoms. I’ll bullet list what random objects I have in the miscellaneous boxes.
  6. Start packing at least a month before moving out. Everyone has more stuff than he or she realizes.
  7. Use your storage. I pack jewelry into zippered compartments in my handbags. (I also leave a note on the moving box in which these bags are stored with a reminder to check the handbag compartments.) I use the compartments in backpacks. I even use tupperware to hold the smaller bits. For example, I packed kitchen magnets in tupperware containers. I also packed silverware in clean tupperware containers. That way, I could just unload the silverware and not worry about washing them.
  8. Flatten and store as many moving boxes as you can after you’ve unpacked. This will give you a head start for your next move.

I know moving is a pain but I hope these suggestions make it easier for you. Good luck and enjoy your new home!

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