Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 123)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we are giving advice to AshleyD. She’s moving to Canada to be with her boyfriend!

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Currently reading: Sweet Life in Paris

I’m breezing through Sweet Life in Paris, memoir of David Lebovitz’s time in Paris. It is giving me a better understanding of the French culture in preparation for our trip in May. I’m kind of nervous about navigating this foreign city. A wonderful thing about this trip is all the research Kim and I are conducting. It feels like independent study.


The profile photos I have posted on both this blog and my food blog were terribly outdated. They both featured me without bangs and I’ve had bangs for about two years now. So, I finally updated them both! If you’re reading in a reader, you can see the new profile by clicking to the website. I also changed the layout in the food blog to accommodate the new profile photo. My last layout had a strong orange accent that just wouldn’t do anymore.


In college I used to buy things to act as a vision board item. (This was way before vision boards became a thing.) For instance, when I wanted to move into an apartment on my own sans roommates for the first time, I bought a set of drinking glasses to remind me of this goal since my roommates supplied the drinkware in our apartment. In 2005, I decided that owning a dog was something I wanted to do eventually in my life and to remind me of that, I bought a mug with a dog on it. Ever since we adopted Bob, when I see this mug, I smile and think to myself, “I did it!” It wasn’t until last night that I realized me putting eyeware on my dog perfectly aligned with my dog mug.


Speaking of Bob and eyeware, he helped me pick out my new frames. I tried these on from Rivet & Sway and love them. I plan on ordering them sometime next week.


I have a fun weekend ahead of me. Going to be a taste judge in a cake competition and then take my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America to the Austin Rescue Zoo. I went with Alan recently and had a blast.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ date night at a new to us sushi place ♥ successful new recipes ♥ good reading time ♥ lunch time walks with Selina ♥ reading up on Paris ♥ finally filed my taxes and am due a refund ♥ morning happy 3 things emails with Kim ♥ long walks with Bob ♥ Vosges truffles ♥ Godvia bar ♥ posted a food blog!

Question: What are you guys doing this weekend?