Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 131)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk about our obsessions.

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I vlogged about being worried about pick pockets to the point of obsession. Since recording that vlog, I rearranged my wardrobe so that it could hide a money pouch underneath my clothes. I feel a little better about the pickpocket prevention since I recorded the vlog! But…


I found a new obsession to be anxious about regarding our trip to Paris which is in FOUR days. We made a reservation for our first five nights in Paris through Airbnb. I tried to confirm the stay with the person we booked with but she hasn’t be in touch after three emails. This makes me worry! I called Airbnb today and they are going to try to get a hold of her. If they cannot by the end of the weekend, we’ll have to find somewhere else. Come on lady! Contact me and save us some stress!


Weekend To Do List

  • Pack for Europe
  • Pack for friend’s wedding weekend after Europe
  • Write wedding toast
  • Schedule two more blog posts (guest posts)
  • Buy mom Mother’s Day present
  • Spend some quality time with Alan and Bob
  • Complete as many tasks as I can for a philanthropy event by Austin Food Bloggers Alliance.


I’m taking off on Tuesday and will have limited internet access until I get back to Austin after Memorial day. I have at least three great guest blog posts centered around traveling that will post while I’m gone. Check in to see! The first one goes live on Wednesday.


I’ve been experimenting with plating my food. This meat and potatoes plate for last night’s dinner may be my favorite.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ impromptu Iron Man 3 date with Alan ♥ Double Chocolate Chunk Rice Krispy Treats ♥ Paris being FOUR days away ♥ Bob’s skip-pounce-run ♥ workday lunch date with Jamie ♥ emails with Ashley ♥ getting better connected with BFF (we were in a communication slump for a while) ♥ pretty lightening storms ♥ finally opening that jar of duck fat ♥ phone calls with mom and dad ♥ late night nachos on a work night

Question: What are you currently obsessed with?