Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 46)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk about where we are in life vs. where we thought we would be. Embedded below is my vlog. It was super hot so the AC was blasting. I’m sorry!

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Vlogging and blogging proved difficult this week. I tripped on my battery cord and put my computer out of service til I get a new battery adapter in the mail. I’ve tripped over the poor cord many times prior and it finally died on me. Anyway, the sparse presence on twitter and food blog is ultimately due to my clumsiness.


One of the many things I love about people watching is sometimes you’ll find a stranger with whom you share something in common. For me, it might be spying someone who takes photos of his or her food before eating it, someone who is walking around campus and reading a book at the same time, or someone who is going to a movie by himself or herself. I get to imagine that we’re kindred souls and don’t even know it.


Last week I posted this chalkboard correspondence as a take:

Here’s your update!


Most times I feel like a kid in a grownup world. This week’s Totes Awesome Channel topic temporarily augmented that feeling. I remember when I was in elementary school, I thought people who went to their high school reunions were terribly old. My ten year reunion is scheduled for this September. Yuck. Time to readjust my perspective on old.


Have you experienced Facebook’s automatic face identification feature yet? There’s something terrifyingly hilarious about this feature. Let me walk you through it.
I’m uploading photos into my album. I notice they have already cropped out individuals and tag their faces. I scroll down the page and there are more groupings of individually cropped faces with the question, “Who is this?,” or something like that. Usually, it is either me making a weird face or wearing sunglasses, or someone I know making a weird face or wearing sunglasses. Sometimes though, they crop out a face that sends chills down my spine and make me ask, “Oh my goodness, who is THAT? I don’t know him! Why is he in my photos?” And just to creep me out some more, there might be a whole series of murky faces I don’t recognize.

With just their faces cropped out, it’s hard to remember that they are just strangers in the background. Below are real photos I’ve experienced this with.

Creepy Face

Original Photo


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ rolling down a hill in a rubber ball ♥ listening to the sound track of the video of Brandi and me rolling down a hill in a ball, Brandi’s laugh is so damn infectious ♥ noodles ♥ long overdue lunch date with Brenda ♥ more noodles ♥ free screening of Streetcar Named Desire at a museum ♥ coffee breaks ♥ oodles of noodles ♥ fried cheesecake and lychee sake ♥ cupcakes ♥ croissants ♥ libraries

Question: Mavs or Heat?