Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 48)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk about what we wished we were better at. You can find mine below.

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A few nights ago, I drove into a stationary landscaping rock (pictured above.) Water started gushing out of my car and I don’t know much about cars, but I immediately thought, “Crap! Thatcouldbemyradiator, Ishouldn’tdriveitorit’lloverheatmycarandthenit’lldieandI’llhavetobuyanewone!” (Gasp of air.)

I don’t know any mechanics so I shakily called JulieBoolieTran because her boyfriend (whom I never met before) works with Honda. I think I wanted advice from her and didn’t expect her to offer to come over with her darling boyfriend so he could look at it. I felt so blessed to have a friend who would do this. Darling Boyfriend (aka Johnny) poked around with a flashlight, kneed my banged up bumper out so it looks almost normal now (minus the hole near the bottom), unscrewed some things and poked around some more.


Photo courtesy JulieBoolieTran and her iPhone

Johnny’s diagnosis so far?

  • My AC line is bent and needs to be bent back.
  • My windshield water fluid container was the water that I saw.
  • My car frame is bent.
  • My radiator got pushed against the condenser which will need to be pulled apart or it’ll rub a hole into my condenser (something I had recently replaced.)
  • Bumper would need replacing if I’m interested in aesthetics.
  • I can technically drive it for a short while since it’s not my radiator (came close though!).

All because I ran into a non-moving rock. I’m really kicking myself in the ass for this. Good thing for emergency funds and amazing friends!

P.S. I should have mentioned I want to be better at driving in the vlog.


Previously, I blogged about how rain was a joyous occasion Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Well Wednesday on campus, I saw these two wading pools. I suspect they’re for our squirrels and I also suspect it was in celebration of the rain.


One of my new year’s resolutions is to complete 10 sewing tasks. The point of this goal is to learn how to sew. Last weekend, while in Houston, I had my mom teach me how to hem one of my maxi-dresses. She could technically do this by a machine in ten minutes tops and maybe in 45 minutes by hand. It took me 4 hours by hand. Me with a needle looked like a 3 year old with scissors. Very clumsy.

Despite it taking me 4 hours? I felt so accomplished. I can hem now!


Do you like my mom’s Disney Princess ruler?


I got happy things in the mail from a few lovely bloggers. I won a book from Bree’s giveaway and received my first letter from Danielle.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ mom’s cooking for work lunches ♥ Julieboolietran coming over with her darling family to look at my car ♥ free movie screening of Cat on Hot Tin Roof at a museum ♥ making plans to go to Canada very soon ♥ triple date night for Brittany’s birthday at bingo hall and putt-putt course ♥ watching Jeopardy and learning a few factoids about Vietnam (it was a bit shameful to not know them) ♥ hugs from beau ♥ nutella cookies ♥ emails from girlfriends ♥ the return of True Blood ♥ Better Titles

Question: What do you wish you were better at?