Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 63)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk booze.

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For those who cannot watch videos, I demonstrated how drinking makes me turn pink or red. I also talk about how I hold a drink in my hand to keep others from buying me more. Party trick!


It’s almost Race for the Cure day in Austin. I’m a bit late to sign up and to begin fundraising but I finally registered. I hope to raise $500 dollars. Kind of a little high for less than a month of soliciting my friends (i.e. you). Segue! If you could spare a few dollars, please consider sponsoring me by going to my Race for the Cure page.


On Monday, I posted about how the Internet made me happy, a collection of 3 mini stories about how the Internet has gifted me wonderful friends and ways to stalk them effectively. Tuesday night I watched Oprah’s second Life Class Lesson. It was all about forgiveness and brought to light that I’m one very angry girl. I’m holding onto a grudge against someone I really love. Watching this class within a day of reading Katie’s post, Coming First, Ashley’s post about Self-Love, and emails with my girlfriends about getting better at life may have overstimulated me.

I tweeted that my heart felt raw and open and that I might be crying for no reason.

Yeah. Melodramatic!

Hours later, Ashley and Peter surprised me with a delivery of a pizza gift card.

It really touched me because I wasn’t in crisis. I was just overwhelmed with a lot of inspiration and messages from the “Universe.” But here are two people I met online and they reached out and did something sweet for me. It humbled me because really, if this is the support I get when I’m not in crisis? Shoot man, I think I will be okay if ever shit hits the fan.


I wrote my first guest post and it was posted yesterday over at My post is entitled, 40 Small and Affordable Ways to Seek Adventure. Please go read!


I’ve been focusing on facing fears and taking baby steps towards conquering fear. Not just on behalf of my unwilling dog, but for me. One area in my life that could use a little more boldness is cooking. Admittedly, it’s an easier fear to tackle but hey, I like chipping away at big goals with easy tasks first.

What’s so scary about cooking? I’m scared of things tasting like crap. I’m scared of throwing out food. I’m scared of embarrassing myself when Alan tries a dish and spits it out. (He only did that once but I nearly poisoned him with vinegar.) I’m scared of going to the Asian store and not knowing where to find the ingredients labeled in my recipe in English but displayed in the stores in Vietnamese/Korean/Chinese.

So this year, I thought I’d finally bite the bullet and face my cooking fears. I love Vietnamese food and am a Vietnamese girl but until this year, didn’t know how to make one dish. I resolved to make 10 and after this past week, I’m at five! Sunday night I made my first Vietnamese Chicken Curry. Thus far, the “scariest” Vietnamese dish I’ve made.

It wasn’t hard and it tasted great!

Further demonstration that fear is just in our silly heads.


Your girl was on cable TV on Tuesday!

More obnoxious screenshots from my TV can be found on my food blog. Better yet, last night I found this link with the actual clip.

It was a fun experience and I’m happy to have shared it with some sweet friends.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ making Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Ca Ri Ga) and Alan calling it “awesome” ♥ cooking advice delivered by my mom via the phone ♥ meeting Treavor ♥ book mail from Ashley ♥ food bloggers’ dinner date ♥ This American Life podcasts ♥ making my first cheesecake and it turning out swell ♥ Take 3 ♥ GChat catch up with Nicole ♥ couch time ♥ eating with my plastic neon green Keroppi spoon ♥ cheesecake for breakfast ♥ cuddle time with Bob ♥ you if you’re reading this ♥ finally sending out the letters I meant to send out weeks ago ♥ celebrating my little from Big Bro/Big Sis’s 12th birthday with grilled cheese sandwiches

Questions: What was the last “scary” thing you did? How did you feel after you did it?

  • You’ve been very supportive of us, so we just wanted to return the favour.

    That food looks yummy!

    • Thanks again, Peter! Touched me.

      Food was awesome. I felt all mighty having made it myself. ;)

  • Usually, the scary stuff is what I procrastinate on, rather than not do at all, like sending emails or calling banks. 

    PEPCID AC – it will take the flush out. ;) 

    • I keep a plastic bag with a few Pepcid ACs in all my clutches!

  • mef

    Your camera did make it harder to see, but I could tell your cheeks turned pink. They actually did it pretty quick after you drank the half shot.

    You overcoming your cooking fears has given me so much courage to try cooking more often and to push KAT to expand his cooking repertoire. I’m glad I’ve gotten to be along for the ride.

    “I love the combination of salty and greasy” HEEEEE. I loved seeing the video. Thanks for the link!

    I’m super glad and grateful that you have people like your TAC girls and Peter.

    • Yeah the rest of the night I was reduced to a menace to Alan. Haha. And turned beet red. Aren’t beets purple? I’m having problems with my American idioms.

      Yay, let’s keep each other updated on our cooking endeavors. I love hearing about it.

      I’m super glad and grateful too and for you!

      • mef

        Beets are kinda inbetween purple and red. But yes, the expression is beet red.

        I’m still working on our recipe thing.

  • It’s awesome having met such great people online that will support you through those hard times. It really helps to just have friends that are willing to just lend you their ears and arms so you can run to them to talk to. :) 

    Thank you for Guest posting on my site. I really appreciate it, and it was absolutely motivational and inspirational. Thanks for making me the first person you did a guest post for.

    As for food I’ve made a goal for myself that every week I’ll purchase a fruit or vegetable that I have never tried or cooked with before and make a meal out of it. If it’s not what I’d hope for it to turn out, it’s okay. I usually go back to the dish and revise it, see what I did wrong and what I can add to make it right. Cooking is fun because you can take away and add if it’s too sweet, salty, oily, etc.. Baking is a different story though. That’s something I’m learning to tackle on now. It’s hard! lol

    Btw, I really wanted to watch your episode but couldn’t find it :( BOO!

  • Great post on Abby’s blog btw! I will donate to your Race for the Cure page over the weekend – proud of you! The last scary thing I did was open my Etsy shop & I felt proud that I had finally did it (even though now with hindsight, it wasn’t what I really wanted).  And congrat’s on being “famous.”

    • I think sometimes we did to go through something to realize you don’t want it. I was like that with wanting to be a bioethics and going to grad school. Then again wanting to become a teacher. Before that I almost became a flight attendant! Each time, I got right up close to almost starting (certification for teaching passed, 2nd email with United Air done, senior year of undergrad) before I’m eh, this isn’t for me actually. 

      Thanks for the support for the race!  Hehe, “famous.” 

  • You definitely got pinker toward the end of the video! I, fortunately, don’t get the Asian Glow. One of my friends gets it pretty quickly and we call her J. Glow these days (her name starts with a J). I will have to tell her about the Pepcid trick one of these days.

    • Hahahah J Glow. That’s priceless. Pepcid was of trading commodity in college! People bummed those pills like how smokers bum cigarettes. 

  • I totally turn pink/red when I drink alcohol, too! Gotta love being Asian. I used to take Pepcid AC before drinking alcohol which helped me to not turn SO red when I drank.

    I’m going to sponsor you! Thank you for doing something to make a difference! :)

    • Pepcid AC also got your tolerance to be a bit better right? It does for me. 

      Thank you for sponsoring me!! 

  • Nice vlog, Linda! I didn’t know that having a drink could make one’s cheeks pink instantaneously! I liked your idea of holding a drink in hand and preventing others from buying you more drinks :) That Vietnamese Chicken Curry looks really delicious! I read your post on ’40 affordable ways to seek adventure’ and loved it! I think I will bookmark the page and keep coming to that when I want to be adventurous in an everyday way. Your suggestion about having no plans for a day and going out, made me remember something. In one of my earlier jobs, I remember once calling my boss and telling him that I am not coming to work (I don’t remember what reason I gave) and then walking around the city. I met a childhood friend accidentally at a store :) I spent some time at the library. I also went to the workplace of my roommate and friend (who said that I will never do something unusual like this) and asked him why he was working so hard :) It was fun!

    • Forgot to add one more thing. All the best for your fundraising! Thanks for making a difference!

    • Thanks for the sweet notes, Vishy!

      What a fun day you had! I like to call those days “going on a date with myself.” Kind of reminded me of an episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie goes on dates with New York City.

      • I love that phrase – “going on a date with myself” :) I will remember it the next time, I want to do something like that. 

  • This is so funny – When my husband drinks his face gets red and flushed.  Let’s see…My friend Anne used to get a red neck and chest, my dad looks all crazy and googly eyed, my husbands mom gets defensive, LOL!  I don’t have a tell ;D 

    • I love that your husband’s mom’s tell is defensiveness. I bet you a have a tell that you’re not aware of. ;)

      Thanks for coming by!

  • Kym

    love this solemate. love your guest post too. and the knitting comment you made. made me lift my hand to my heart and go awwww in my head.

    • Solemate,
      So glad you found that comment! I meant to share the memory with you after I commented but somehow forgot. You found your way there anyway! It’s a fun memory I have. Maybe I’ll add it to my sketchbook. We were coming off the FA bus on 21st St.
      Love you.
      – Linda

  • This post made me happy! I saw the difference between the beginning of your video and the end.  I didn’t know that about us Asians!
    I’m about go read your post on Abby’s blog but before I go, that dish you made looks yummy.  Maybe I’m just craving meat, I’m doing this whole ovo-lacto vegetarian thing…it’s hard.  I think it’s cool that you were on TV!  I love the Cooking Channel.

    • Ovo-lacto vegetarian thing?! That’s crazy, woman. I’ve been watching your cooking videos, they look divine!!

      And hello :) I had never known you as a Saha before. Nice to “meet” you!

      • Saha is what all my friends call me. :) Yes, major fail of an ovo-lacto vegetarian might I add.

  • I guess the last scary thing I did was look over the south rim of the Grand Canyon and then climb down it a little. Unfortunately it sparked determination in Brandon. He wants to go back and go all the way down. Oy vey. Kudos on facing your fears. :]

    • So cool that you took a trip to Arizona recently! Adventurous couple.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmmm cheesecake.  what kind did you make?  My favorites involve chocolate.