Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 77)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we discuss our superstitions.

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I talk about some weird ones I inherited from my mom. Like not gifting drinking glasses, cups, or mugs. It’s supposed to mean the friendship would end. So if I were to give you cups or mugs, I’d ask for a quarter or something to simulate selling instead of gifting. I also talk about two Arabic phrases I picked up as superstitions. Comment below and let me know what your superstitions are. I’d love to know!


Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the Dragon. I meant to mention some Lunar New Year superstitions. A lot of these might just be Vietnamese but here are the ones passed on to me from my mom. We are to eat vegetarian for good luck the first day of the holiday (It’s a two week holiday.) The first day of the year, you’re supposed to have a fairly clean house but you’re not supposed to clean. Also, no taking out the trash! It symbolizes throwing out money. I also read from another Vietnamese blogger that you’re supposed to not wash your hair for that same reason and wear red for prosperity.

I wore red but my hair needs to be washed every day.


I’ve had these kids I babysit for since they were both born. They’re the only kids I babysit. I truly love them. Really. I will always babysit them til they no longer need it or I’m no longer in the same city. Anyway, I’m digging their conversations lately.

4 Year Old:
I had a bad day

8 Year Old:
How come you had a bad day?

4 Year Old:
The other kids laughed at me during lunch.

8 Year Old:
[Redacted], when I was your age and kids laughed at me, I just pretended they weren’t even in the room.

4 Year Old:
Oh! Okay. I’ll try that next time.


One of my goals is to have my mom meet Bob. She’s terrified of dogs. My parents live close to where they run their store. She once walked to the store carrying my dad’s dinner that she had just cooked when a neighborhood dog approached her. What did she do? She threw my dad’s dinner at it!

Recently she cooked me a huge batch of bone marrow. I love bone marrow. (Refer to my Totes Awesome Channel vlog about ideal meals.) I posted the picture of mom’s bone marrow on Facebook and my crass Best Dudie Friend commented, “Oh No! I’m going to miss you, Bob!” I thought it was hilarious and told my mom that BDF thinks she cooked up Bob.

“Tell him how can I cook Bob when I don’t even want to TOUCH Bob?”


The Sketchbook Project needs to be postmarked by Tuesday and I have 13 more pages to complete! Panic!! I’ll be out of town this weekend and busy too so it’ll leave me Sunday night and Monday night. Last year by the first of the year, I had all the pages planned and mostly done! Anyway, want to see two pages of what I have done?



I took today off of work because we’re going to Dallas for the weekend for a wedding. Sadly, there won’t be any time for us to stop by In ‘N Out. I guess I will just wait til when I go to Vegas!


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ a close friend to laugh with and make cleaning dog poop out of my car bearable ♥ a well-timed hug ♥ a supreme burger along side chili cheese fries and a decadent nutella milkshake with chocolate covered pretzel crumbles ♥ new music from Treavor and Peter ♥ planning Valentines with a few girlfriends ♥ authentic Chinese food date with Brandi ♥ cuddles ♥ vote of confidence from Cindy ♥ Deesh and Bing taking in Bob for the weekend ♥ blueberries and strawberries in my cereal ♥ BDF helping my friends draft professional correspondences ♥ BFF helping me come up with 7 quick takes ♥ one of my favorite months drawing near

Question: What are some of your superstitions?