Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 79)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we mortify ourselves by reading old journal entries.

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In digging up entries to share for the vlog, I noticed that most of the journal entries I found in early years of college consisted of me choosing the guys who didn’t really like me over the guys who would surprise me in my dorm room and serenade me with N’SYNC songs while doing their dances or the guys who made me John Coltrane CDs for Valentine’s because they accurately guessed that my boyfriend at the time would not get me anything for Valentine’s Day. Or guys who dedicated Coldplay’s Yellow to me. There were so many sweet guys who did so many sweet things, and I repeatedly picked the guys who canceled on me or insulted me or even threw things at me. Younger Linda was so incredibly stupid!


I really enjoy the company of my coworkers.

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He also does the Lindy Hop.


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! This is the first year in I can’t remember how long that I’m not sending love notes and pink socks to my single girlfriends. I’m saddened to break my own tradition but I’ve just been so focused on other things like paying for Bloggers in Sin City, car bumpers, speeding tickets, and anniversary presents. I will just have to do a better job celebrating my favorite holiday next year.


In less than a week, Nicole, Ashley, and Treavor will be in Austin for the weekend! I can’t wait to share martinis, eat Nutella stuffed cookies, and watch Ryan Gosling with the best company.


My sister bought me a plane ticket to see her for an entire week this summer! I was still in junior high the last time I saw her so this trip makes me equal parts happy, excited, and nervous. What do you talk about after all that time has passed?


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ BFF got her Masters! ♥ reading all 99 tiny stories in this article ♥ acing my first tomato basil soup ♥ bringing chocolate cake with my favorite icing for lunch ♥ finishing my 7th book of the year ♥ my Sketchbook Project has officially been received and cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library ♥ volunteering at the food bank with lovely food bloggers ♥ chocolate ♥ puppy cuddles ♥ puppy doesn’t need to be taken out so much anymore ♥ emailing my reactions to Mad Men and One Day to Kim ♥ banh mi ♥ so much coffee

Question: What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?