Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 96)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we are sharing our most favorite rituals.

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I forgot to mention that I love weekend mornings. I sit with coffee and write my morning pages (where I write 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing). I used to be good and do them on the weekdays too but have been bad about getting enough sleep.


New intentions: Less Flight. More Fight.


I’m trying to change my life here and dude, it’s a humbling experience. I’ve been all sorts of cranky. Thomas sent me this video and it was like slamming back a shot of optimism. I watched it twice!

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I was having a rough day yesterday. When it ended with Bob killing my favorite pair of sandals that I wear about 5 to 6 days a week, I might have cried. They went with everything and I can walk for miles in them. They were great travel shoes! This morning I saw this video as I was catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. It was filmed and posted by the only fashion blogger I follow, Wendy Nguyen. I dedicate this sweet story to my gold sandals.

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Weekend plans:
1. Drive down to Houston tonight and see family and friends!
2. Wish dad a Happy Father’s Day and eat some good food with the amigos.

I’m always in for a fantastic weekend when I drive down to Houston.


One of my new things of the week activities included trying out a fennel recipe! I had no idea licorice flavoring came from fennel and knew nothing about the vegetable when I bought it. I chopped the fennel up and my hands smelled like licorice. I warned Alan that he may not like dinner that day and we can go out to eat if it makes us gag. It looked gorgeous and roasting the fennel totally dilutes the licorice flavoring. The lemon and garlic and chicken fat melded wonderfully with the licorice taste. Both Alan and I didn’t think we’ll do more than just taste it (we both hate licorice). However, we finished it and unanimously decided to add this recipe to rotation. This is why I love trying new things. You’ll never know if you’ll find something you like if you didn’t try it.

* photo credit and recipe


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ True Blood is back on! ♥ bought a helicopter ride Groupon ♥ bought a dry cleaning Groupon ♥ grabbing a pork belly burger with someone who knows all the chefs in town and was gifted a serious entree of veal cheeks over potato puree ♥ truffle oiled tater tots ♥ pep talks from my BDF ♥ emails with the girls that involve pictures of Ryan Gosling ♥ Alan making me laugh when I just want to sulk ♥ walks and jogs with Bob ♥ first time cooking fennel ♥ this dessert ♥ repurposing leftover truffled tater tots in a scramble for a delectable breakfast

Questions: What are your favorite rituals?