Friday Feels

Friday Feels

I had a jam-packed week with birthdays and events and trying to land freelancing gigs. I’m now catching my breath and traveling today with my parents to Miami. I had money set aside to treat us to a big trip whenever they retire, which they eventually did two years ago. We only used half the funds last year since my mom picked a smaller trip (Vegas). So I’m using the other half on a short weekend trip. One of my best friends lives in Miami and offered up her spare bedroom. I can’t wait to see her and go on another adventure with my folks!

Here’s this week’s list of links that made me feel things.

  • When women drink alone.
  • I’ve always struggled with leaving gaps in my schedule.

  • Mundane magic.

  • I’ve been behind in my reading goal. Finally finished a book! Read Adultery by Paulo Coelho. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his novels but this one fell a little flat to me.

  • I borrowed Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl for my Miami read.

  • I love “Deloading.” I do this with journaling and Morning Pages.
  • Speaking of journals, Rick Steves on keeping a travel journal.

  • This link is possibly not safe for work, but this is a fun way to learn Photoshop.

  • Jordan is one of my favorite bloggers for years. I skip her beauty and fashion posts and love her personal ones. This one is about her marriage as of late.
  • Tips on how to photograph the sunset.
  • The skinniest house in the world.
  • Do you live in a bubble? Take the quiz!
  • Personal Links

  • I dug up this old blog post of mine to grab a quote for an instagram. I didn’t realize reading it again would make me feel so emotional.

  • Episode 20 of I Feel Better Podcast. We talk about Taylor Swift and our pop culture deal breakers.

    I love the underlying message of this beautiful video. Photographs not only reflect the subject but also the person holding the camera and his or her perspective. I love seeing photographs of people taken by the people who love them.

    • lisasyarns

      I re-read that post you shared and am having all the feels for what your dad went through. I simply can not even fathom what that must have felt like. He is such a brave and courageous man. I am glad that you are helping him realize some of those dreams he had. Yes, it looks different than what he pictured when he wrote that passage since he’s visiting with his wife and daughter for a brief weekend trip but I am glad he’s getting to see a place that he had dreamed about long ago. Have the very very best time together this weekend!!!!

    • Oh morning pages…. I’ve come to the conclusion that there *is* a right way to do them even though Ms. Cameron says there isn’t. I tried it for a couple of months once and found no observable benefit. I just wrote down the same things every day and that was it. I’ve been considering trying them again in a different way that might make them feel more helpful. Also, I like the idea of deloading. It just seems like a hard idea to implement when M-F is consumed primarily with an 8-5 job.

      • Ah if you get her Artist’s Way book there are some prompts if you want to have a more structured approach on some days. I also added something I got either from Daring Greatly or Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Browne where I list out the vowels. A – did I abstain fromwhatever it is I’m trying to abstain from (usually online stalking), E – did I exercise, I – What have I done for myself? O – What have I done for others. U – Are there any unexpressed feelings? Y – Yay! Cept I don’t do Y because I also list out 3 happy things. Then if I’m anxious about anything I unload. I find if I write down what I’m anxious about I stop ruminating on those thoughts over and over and over again. So that’s my approach to morning pages. I also allow myself to do them even when it’s not the morning! If I do that I totally label my pages “Morning” Pages.

        Like a neurotic.

        • OK, I’ve got The Artist’s Way so I’ll go back and look. (I started it, but never finished it.) Something like the vowel thing might work for me; may have to give that a shot. What didn’t work for me before was writing down the things I was anxious about because I still obsessed over them. And then I wrote the same things down again the next day and the next day and the next day. :-/