Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Another week has come and gone. What were your highlights? Mine was cooking my first meal in about a week. Chopping and stirring is my meditation. Enjoy this week’s list of links that made me feel things.

  • This episode of Dear Sugar about messy relationships made me feel things. I wanted to hug everyone who wrote in and make them tea.
  • I loved this story about Jordan Reid getting a breast life and augmentation after having two babies.
  • I finished Not That Kind of Girl and enjoyed it!

  • Starting A Tale for the Time Being next. Bought it while visiting a local Miami bookstore.
  • The internet is not real life.
  • When I was in Miami last weekend, my parents and friend and I wandered into Peter Lik’s photography gallery. We all fell in love with his work.
  • What it’s like to win the travel photo contest at National Geographic.

  • While we’re still talking photography, I find this series enchanting.

  • While this photo series made me smile and giggle. I probably wouldn’t make it past the first glass.
  • Our latest episode of I Feel Better Podcast is about another podcast called Call Your Girlfriend. We also chat about our biggest passions.
  • And a favor request from me, if you’re on Facebook, I’d love if you could like my page!
  • Questions: What was the last good book you read? Whatcha doing this weekend?

    • lisasyarns

      Chopping and stirring is my meditation, too. :)

      The last really great book I read was “Did you Ever Have a Family.” I’ve read other books that I gave 4 stars but none that I would recommend as much as that one. It’s heavy, though, but so well-written.

      We have very little planned this weekend which is excellent! Today I’m going to hang out with a friend and her 5 month baby and then Phil and I are staying into and having thai beef stew. Hope it’s good! Tomorrow I’m meeting up with friends to try a new workout class and video chatting with a friend and that’s about it! Have a wonderful weekend! It’s really cold here (about 20 now!) so I’m glad I won’t have to be out and about too much!

    • San

      The last great book I read was ‘A place to stand’.

      We don’t have much planned for the weekend… running, gardening, grocery shopping… the usual :)

    • Sooooo…the guy dumpster diving in the video. Um, kind of genius!