Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Happy Friday everyone! I have a busy long weekend this weekend. Heading to Houston tonight to not only see one of my besties get married but also officiate his wedding! Before I head out, here’s my weekly roundup of links that made me feel feelings. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

  • lisasyarns

    Wow, lots of big things where happening a year ago and 3 years ago!

    I just listened to your 2nd to most recent podcast this week and then Phil and I watched Ali Wong last night on Netflix. I laughed so much! Good recommendation!

    I read Lowland for book club last year and really liked it. She is such a great writer!

  • The article about Friends is interesting! I haven’t watched many episodes yet – I’ve seen a fair number of reruns on TV and I’ve started watching the first few seasons on Netflix – but I can already see what the article is talking about.

    Those vintage photos are really great. <3

    • Wild right?

      Sometimes I worry about consuming too much fluff. Then I worry that I’m not relaxing enough. And then I tell myself to quiet down and I’m pretty balanced in terms of light vs. serious pop culture consumption. I think. Maybe.

  • We need to respect gay people.