Friday Feels

Friday Feels
Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

I collect these links that make me feel things throughout the week and I noticed a somber theme to this week’s collection. I’ve always believed that grief is the price you pay for love and some of these links have beautifully conveyed that. I made sure to at least make a couple of the videos lighthearted!

  • Nothing is promised. The first piece I read about love suddenly lost. It’s a good reminder that no one knows how much time they have left with their loved ones.
  • The last link mentioned this story.

    But also, it solidified my belief on how vital it is to document your love while you have it. Whether that be through silly personal snaps and videos, or getting the most amazing professional engagement and wedding photographs that you can… Because, as awful as it is to think about, you just never know what might happen.

  • My friend Addie wrote this piece about love lost 10 years later.
  • And lastly, this was a heart-wrenching read about the dissolution of a marriage. What was most heartbreaking to me about this read was the regret. How small decisions can actually be big decisions that irrevocably take you down a path you don’t want. This concludes my list of love lost reads!
  • I already do a handful of these hacks from this list of 102 ways to not let irrational thoughts ruin your life.
  • In a past life, I managed the social media of a company in the transportation industry. I shared fun relevant links on Fridays and would have shared this post of beautiful bridges.
  • My notebooks have always been kind of like besties to me.
  • I’m sometimes guilty of judging someone for being pretentious. This article will help give me pause the next time I find myself judging someone for pretension.
  • Weekend food goal.
  • Personal Plugs

  • This week’s I Feel Better Podcast was about The House on Mango Street.
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  • Fung

    Damnit, Linda! Why are you making me cry on a Friday?

    • Haha. One of my favorite lines from you is “Damnit, Linda!” Brings back so many happy memories.

  • lisasyarns

    Speaking of loss/sad things, I listened to an interesting podcast called On Being which was about the myth of closure and how it’s not something humans should expect when we lose a loved one or when a long term relationship comes to an end. It was really interesting!

    We have a fun weekend ahead of us! Last night we went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican taqueria with another couple and then we went to a distillery that had really awesome drinks! I don’t drink very often due to my RA meds but I did enjoy 2 drinks last night and they were sooo good! (kind of feeling a bit of a headache today, though. Bleh.). My nephew comes over this afternoon to spend the night with us. It’s my brother’s 40th birthday tomorrow so taking him for a night is our gift to him! I’m really excited to spend some time with him! He’s kind of obsessed with Phil so he’s very excited to get to spend lots of one on one time with us!

  • On the dissolution of a relationship: It’s always the yoga instructor. ;P