Friday Feels

Hello! I haven’t done a Friday Feels in a while. It’s just been kind of depressing out in the world lately and I don’t find myself meandering on the internet as much. But I’m here now with this latest installment of things from the internet that made me feel things. Are you up to anything fun this weekend? Tell me in the comments! I’m heading to Lake Charles, Louisiana for Mardi Gras with Austin Food Magazine.

  • HOW GREAT IS “MARCH”? And ugh, I wish we could’ve gotten together while I was in Austin!

    • SO GOOD. I just finished book 2. Just in time to turn it into the library. Book 3 is on my coffee table!

      Next time you’re in Austin please holla atcha gurl.

  • Oh that’s cool. I didn’t know John Lewis had a book out let alone a graphic novel.

    • it’s SO awesome. i just finished book 2.

  • lisasyarns

    I can’t wait to hear about your press trip to St. Charles! You are kind of a big deal now that you are going on things like press trips!!! :)

    I can’t wait to read March. I’m glad you guys talked about it as I don’t think it would have been on my radar otherwise. A friend of mine is sending me her copy as the wait at our library is pretty long (which is a good thing – glad people are reading it!).

    • There was a long line for me too! I just finished book 2 and it’s so intense. Going to start Book 3 soon. (Also from library!)

      I felt so wide-eyed and amazed during my first press trip! Can’t wait to try to put my experience into words.