Gift Idea: Balls in a Box

For my 30th last week, my friends and I had a potluck party where you bring food in the shape of balls. It was fun and I love how creative my friends were. They proved that the possibilities for ball shaped food are endless! My friend Jennifer who lives in Seattle took that as the inspiration for her fun and hilarious gift to me. She even paired each ball with a worthy life goal. And you know how I love my goals.

  • She’s so resourceful!

  • That’s so cute & creative. What a great friend!

    • I thought so too! Also reminds me of something you might do. :)

  • yay! glad you liked it! it was fun in the making.

    • Bob and I loved it!! And we love you.

  • Wendy

    Cute gifts!

    Not to be a Debbie downer or anything on these thoughtful ideas, but be careful with those magnet balls and Bob! If they are what I think they are, they remind me of these magnetic balls that kids would swallow (by accident or for fun) that would ripe through their intestines. :(

    • Yes! I didn’t know they could do that to intestines but they do definitely look like something kids and pets can easily swallow. Or super curious adults. I have been almost too afraid to play with them!