Guest Post: Art Journaling

This is my last day in Pittsburgh! Danielle is guest posting for me today while I’m scrambling to get back to Austin. Danielle and I have been internet pals for almost two years now. She and I exchange letters on a pretty regular basis and I love receiving her letters because of her penchant for beautiful paper goods. Her letters in the mail are always works of art! I’m happy to have her share her passion on Curious Notions today. Thanks, Danielle!

* * *

Hi everyone. I’m Danielle & I want to start off by thanking Linda for having me here. I’m a paper junkie & you can find me at my blog, A Love Affair With Paper where I write about my creative paper projects. Today, I want to share an ongoing project of mine called an altered journal round robin.

Seeing that I have a love affair with all things paper, it shouldn’t surprise you then that I love collage & art/visual journals. I have always wanted to participate in an altered journal round robin, but it became just one of those to-do-some-day-in-the-future creative goals & I never took action. Then last year, I met 3 really talented women online & I just knew that I had to make this goal of mine become a reality. So I asked the 3 women if they would like to join me in a round robin & together we came up with a manageable schedule that began last November & will be ending next month.

We agreed to use a 5×8 journal with 6 rounds. Which means we work in each other’s journals 2 times each & create 2 full page spreads, beginning with our own.

Here are a few of my favorite spreads that I created:

Hopefully this post inspired you to play around with collage and/or art journaling. Thanks again Linda for having me!

Question: How do you cultivate creativity in your life?