may 2006

christmas 2006


Thomas. Oh, Thomas.

He was one of the first person I’ve met in college. We hung out my first summer at UT. Then we got boyfriends/girlfriends and stopped hanging out completely for a good 4 years. A year and half ago we reunited sans significant others and I don’t know how I got by four years without him as a friend. Really, HOW DID I GET BY? I did a lot of “new thing of the week” things with him. I went to a lot of my favorite happy hours first with him (219 West and Malaga) He took me to East Side Cafe for the first time. My first time jet-skiing was with him. Likewise, I introduced him to the Spazmatics and I was there for his first trip to the Capitol. Our next big endeavor? Zip-lining! (Maybe. I’m going with or without him. I’m a sweet person.)

Sadly, he’s in Houston and I won’t be there to celebrate with him but I’m uber happy he was born 24 years ago today.