Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

So I’m really cheesy. Really cheesy. The more overtly festive and celebratory I can make my life, the better. This includes wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m actually contemplating wearing my super cheesy green IRELAND shirt tomorrow at work where I’m still relatively new. I work with a bunch of cool hipsters. I’m a little hesitant. But I’m leaning towards OH YES I’M GOING TO HAPPILY ROCK THIS SHIRT TOMORROW. Here’s a preview. Yes, those are shamrock sleeping shorts. No, I won’t be wearing those to work. Yes, I’ll change into another shirt to sleep in if I decide to wear my IRELAND shirt to work. Yes, my hair is wet and I’m wearing my sexy eye wear. WHAT?

I realized after I already resized and cropped this photo, that I’m covering up the lettering. Doh.

So I try for round 2! Better…

But since I’ve gone this far already, why not flip the image so you can read the text? Ha :)

Okay okay, I’m going to go to bed now. It’s 1 am.

Do you wear green on St. Patty’s day? Drink green beer? How do you celebrate?