Happy Valentine’s Day

The flowers were from Cindy. A very sweet gesture from one of my close friends who must love me a lot because she HATES Valentine’s day.

The joke and truth is, most (not all) of my most romantic gifts and dates and moments were usually shared with girlfriends. We go to Broadway shows, buy each other jewelry, send each other heart felt letters declaring our admiration for each other, and send each other flowers and cookies more readily than I’ve experienced from boys in general.

I’ve come to really cherish my girlfriends. As much as I adore the small handful of male friends I keep in my life, they’re usually not the nurturing types. Case in point, here’s a voicemail I got from my best guy friend. (He’s a great boyfriend to whomever he’s dating so this is not reflective of the romantic side to him.)

The answer to his question by the way, is zero.