Jessica’s Married

Bracelet stuck in veil!

Jessica, Brandi (previous roommate), and I worked at a now closed indoor playground called Radijazz while we were all still undergrads. Usually, you leave a place of work and the work friendships kind of taper off. Knowing this, I really cherish the friendships that survive after leaving a work place. It’s now been 6 years since we’ve worked at Radijazz and I feel blessed to have them still as close friends.

While we worked there, we had a weekly dinner club that met every Thursday to cook and watch Grey’s Anatomy. We always had to really make sure our food wasn’t terribly interesting because Jessica, as adventurous as she is (she hunts and fishes and can spit farther than any boy I know), is not adventurous when it comes to food. She loves her Wishbone’s Thousand Island, chicken tenders, and ketchup! In fact, Brandi approached me during her wedding this weekend and said, “Guess what we’re having for dinner? It’s her favorite.”

I erroneously guessed chicken tenders and ketchup, which got all around me giggling because it was the best guess!

We had Mexican. Her other favorite.

So Brandi and I trekked it four hours to Texas’s coast to see our Jessica get married. She’s been out of Austin for about a year now and I miss her so terribly. The last three years she was in Austin, we shared a parking lot. I could come over unannounced and pop myself on her living room floor to go through her magazines as if they’re my own. She’d come over to bum an egg or two. The only thing I hated about going to her apartment was her crazy pet squirrel who attacked me once. Even then, I loved her too much to let the most demonic squirrel I’ve come across keep me away.

Seeing her this weekend was the first time I saw her in a year and it was simultaneously a joyous and heartbreaking time for me. I loved seeing her in her white dress and happy but I’ve never missed being able to just walk across the parking lot to see her as much as I did at her wedding.

I’m back in Austin and I find myself grieving a little. I’m wishing her the happiest married life and will cherish our memories. Maybe we’ll catch each other once in a while?

She got dressed so fast she forgot to take off her shorts!

  • So sweet!

  • Tracie Collier

    I have managed to keep only one friend in my life from all the various jobs I’ve had.¬† That is, indeed, a feet you’ve accomplished!

    • Yes, it’s really hard! I have two and a half more work friends from other work places. The half is a lady who is now pregnant and I feel she’ll be soon unavailable for good.

  • I love chicken tenders and Mexican food! Your friend has good taste in food.

    That’s awesome you’ve managed to stay such good friends with people who started out as co-workers; that’s very rare because like you said, those particular friendships tend to fizzle once someone leaves a place of work. Like Tracie, I’ve only stayed close with ONE co-worker-turned-friend; we were once roommates, and she’ll probably be in my wedding party some day. But other than her, I’ve got nothin’!

    Yay for great friendships. :)

    • A friend good enough to live with and then be in your wedding party is worth her weight in gold! That’s wonderful that a work place brought such a person into your life. :) Thanks for coming by.

  • Glad to know that you had a wonderful time at your friend Jessica’s wedding. It is always a bittersweet time when a friend get married – especially when the friend lives in another city.¬†Hope you get to meet her more often.

    • Thanks, friend. I hope so too. I’m going to send her an email soon asking about an event in November. Maybe we can make it happen!