Mad Libs Monday

Youtube Link

There’s a new and fun project run by @Rachelskirts called Mad Libs Monday. I saw some of my cute Youtube friends participating in Episode 1 so I jumped on board for Episode 2. Episode 3 will be uploaded on Monday. Stay tuned and if you have a webcam, join in on the fun!

  • mef

    That’s so much fun. Thanks for participating so that I found out about this project. Are you going to be participating in Episode 3 as well?

    • I won’t but maybe Episode 4 or 5!

      I wanted to give other people a chance but the lovely lady host invited me back so I won’t feel so guilty partaking in the fun again. :)

      • mef

        Does she have a big list of people who want in? It seems like it’d be so much fun. I’m glad you got the chance.

        • I think she posts a registration form and closes it when the week’s quota is met. :) I love the simplicity of this idea and yet it’s so fun!

        • Join, join, join! I’ll open up registration on Monday for Episode 4. Just keep an eye on or follow the updates on Twitter (@madlibsmonday:twitter).

          Oh, and to answer your question: I’ve had a steady stream of people who want to participate, but I haven’t run out of words yet. :) I give preference to people who haven’t participated before, but I’m also including as many “MLM veterans” as I can get. (Linda, I’m lookin’ at you!)

          SO glad you both like the project! It has been making me smile for like three weeks straight now. :D

          • mef

            I’m so glad you came up with the project. I’m excited for Episode 3.