March On & Off Instagram

Sometimes I want to live in particular moments for forever. Or at the very least keep what happiness I’m feeling in the moment in a bottle somewhere so I can go back and just drink it in whenever I want. This fear of leaving perfect moments and having them soon forgotten is the driving force behind my taking a million photos and journaling.

I fulfilled one of my longest dreams in the month of March. I often made myself sick with fear of not being able to treat my parents to a much deserved vacation. They worked so hard and I was scared they may never retire or something terrible might happen before I could travel with them as an adult. My only memories of travel with my parents were a couple trips to Vietnam with my mom and some road trips when I was still in elementary school. So when I made Vegas happen in March, a destination my mom requested, it was the biggest sigh of relief and joy.

I lugged my tripod around the Strip to practice my night photography and felt like I struck gold when a double decker bus with blue lights drove by me just when I clicked the camera for a long exposure. Consequently, I took the coolest light trail photo I’ve ever taken.

I went on a couple of work day lunch dates with Sugarface. Off-site lunch dates always feel like a treat! I’m finding that most of the time I spend with him I want to bottle the feels to revisit later.

The spring flowers are in bloom and they make me happy when I have my DSLR around.

Not depicted on Instagram was a weekend in Houston to meet a long time friend of mine visiting from Miami and horrendous allergies from the pretty Spring flowers.


Bellagio Gardens


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Question: What are your favorite memories from March?