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December 3: Moment

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

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It’s not very hard to feel alive. All you need to do is be present. Don’t focus on your never ending to do lists, don’t wish that you’re anywhere else or speaking to anyone else, and revel in the present. To concentrate on solely what’s in your line of vision, what your finger tips are touching, what your taste buds is tasting, and what sounds are vibrating on your eardrums. This is the secret to feeling alive, to be completely present. This could be why today’s prompt is so hard for me. How to choose when these moments are infinite? They remind me of snowflakes. All unique and beautiful in their own right but impossible to count.

So instead, and in no certain order, these are just some of the moments I felt alive and that my heart was swollen in 2010.

♥ Holding hands with Alan as we stroll downtown and hop restaurants on a date night. First crisp cold night of the winter season. We had just giggled and laughed at the first date happening less than a foot away at Kenichi. The guy looked like Fabio and could not stop talking about himself.

♥ Sharing a booth at Chocolate Bar with Sarah. Juicy girl talk, drinking the best hot chocolate of my life, and topping it with a delicious white and chocolate layered cake. Of course, drizzled with syrup. The hot chocolate is practically pure melted rich chocolate. It took its time down my throat. The fluffy whipped cream and half melted marshmallows danced on the tip of my tongue. The fun purple walls of Chocolate Bar. Purple is my favorite color.

♥ Crisp weather on November 7th. It’s 7:30am on a Sunday morning. So unnatural to be up this early on a weekend, yet there we were, Brittany and me, immersed with thousands of people as we walk in solidarity, raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

♥ Camping out in my living room with Hillary and Alex the weekend before my birthday and talking to the wee hours of the moment. It felt like our life has circled around again. We’ve slept on floors before 10 years prior and talked into the wee hours of the morning.

♥ The handful of times with Thomas and various company where we just stuffed ourselves silly with good food, trying out a new restaurant. And then deviously decide to run over to another eatery to try some other famed dish or dessert despite being stuffed silly. It felt like we were literally gorging ourselves on the good stuff life offers. The pain we always felt afterwards was exquisite.

♥ Holding a co worker’s four month baby and making funny faces at him. His body was heavy and cozy. He still had new baby smell.

♥ Late night chat conversation with Kim as we listened to a This American Life episode together and than passed on sad break-up songs to each other. Neither of us going through break ups but both of us wallowing. I felt so drunk and buzzed and not a drop of alcohol was consumed.

♥ All those times I silently rest my head on Alan’s shoulder and can feel the the weight of his head on mine. It’s as if I’m silently saying, “hi” by resting myself on him and he’s saying “hi” back when he rests his head on mine.

Question: When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed yourself?