Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever:

  • Gone skinny dipping

  • Eaten live octopus

  • Toured Asia

  • Toured Spain

  • Toured Ireland

  • Toured Germany

  • Toured Italy

  • Toured France

  • Gone on a cruise

  • Bought a home

  • Visited Vietnam with dad

  • Gone bungee jumping

  • Written a novel

  • Made my own pizza dough

  • Visited all the states

  • Changed a flat

  • Jumped a car

  • Sew anything I could wear

  • Eaten horse sashimi

  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube

  • Written a novel

  • Crocheted

  • Cooked a whole chicken or turkey

  • Swam with dolphins

  • Seen salmon swim upstream

  • Built a fort as an adult

  • Grown herbs on my balcony

  • Develop a product

  • Seen Avenue Q

  • Gone Zip Lining

  • Met any of my nieces or nephews

Never have I ever done these things but I am definitely scheming!

Question: What are some things you haven’t ever done?

Post inspired by Stephany Writes.