November On & Off Instagram

I mentioned October was a force to be reckoned with. It was extremely hard for me emotionally and then there was one final surprise punch the very first few hours of November while I was on a trip to New York. I spent the rest of the month regaining my footing and licking my wounds. Luckily November tends to be great for my soul because of the reunions that start happening around Thanksgiving.

There’s a lie I tell myself often. That I’m unlucky in love but very lucky with friendship. The lie is I’m not unlucky in love and I should stop telling myself that because I will manifest it. When things fall apart for me romantically, as it kind of did with a new person in New York, I am always humbly moved by the depth of love and friendship my support system instantly extends me. Hours after upsetting news even in New York, I was able to spend time with close friends who live there. They offered me warm shelter and a trip to famed bookstore, The Strand, and bowls of noodles two days in a row. How lucky am I to find that kind of comfort and love when I’m in New York? One of my friends even took me to New Jersey so I can cross another state in my 50 states quest, bringing this year’s total to 5 new states. I was only shooting for 4 new states this year!

The week I got back from the trip to New York, I packed up my life in three days and moved from North Austin to South Austin, which cut down my work commute from 2 hours a day to 30 minutes a day. I have a new roommate and marveled that last year I was packing up my life and sobbed the whole way through. In just one year’s time, I moved again and though I wasn’t sobbing, I wept over another man. It amazed me how far one year took me. If you told me last year that in an exactly a year I’ll be crying over someone else, I’d dismiss your general credibility.

I went to the second reading party of my life (hosted by the same person of the first reading party). It’s one of my favorite kinds of parties. I had many coffee dates with friends and was reunited with two of my best friends in Houston for our Annual Day of Magic. This year’s Day of Magic included swinging on swings with children in a park, admiring a field of light, and sneaking up to a rooftop of a skyscraper to take photos. I am newly resolved to hang out on the rooftops of skyscrapers at night more often in 2015. It lit a fire in me!

Not depicted on Instagram, a comped ride to and from the airport from Blacklane. I wasn’t otherwise compensated for trying them out. It was such a welcomed sight to see the driver greeting us with a sign, “Monkeys in Austin.” When you order luxury rides from Blacklane you can customize the greeting sign and it tickled me to surprise my friends with our self-ascribed group nickname of “monkeys.” Also not depicted on Instagram was me fulfilling a bucket list item by riding a mechanical bull. 2014 has been a successful bucket list year for me!



Reading Party


Whole Hog



Swing, Swing



Go Away

Street Art

Field of Light

Houston Skyscrapers

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Question: What were your best moments from November?

  • I am all about rooftop bars!!!! Let’s go to one together sometime ;)

    You are definitely not unlucky in love. Applaud yourself for putting your heart out there–the bravest act possible.

  • Wow, big change on commute time! You’ll have more time for so many other things. :-) And yes to this -> I should stop telling myself that because I will manifest it.

  • lisasyarns

    I hope you found your spiralizer! :) That is awesome that you cut your commute time down by so much… that is a lot of time to gain back each week!! I am glad you had lots of great moments in November to offset the sad end to October. My month of November was great as it was much more slower paced than the last couple of months had been. Some of my favorite parts were hosting friends for lentil enchiladas and a game night, celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and decorating my tree with Phil.

  • Best moments from November: having my cubicle decorated for my birthday by my coworkers, Thanksgiving with my family, and exploring Savannah for my birthday. November was good to me. :)

  • mel navarrete

    so glad to finally have met you. kim talks so highly of you so I was excited to be able to put a face to a name. sorry we didn’t get to chat much at the park. if you and kim don’t mind, I would love to tag along with yall on a lunch/dinner. would love to chat more!!

    • I’m so honored to know your sister and to meet important people in her life. I would love to share meals with you and am so glad we finally met too! <3 <3 Maybe Christmas break we can slurp some noodles or eat some carbonara!

  • breethethingsweread

    I freaking love that you have a group of friends that would hold a reading party (again) and have people actually show up. Its amazing. Congrats on your bucket list achievements. I feel the same way about my bucket list. 2014 has been a great year for it and can only hope 2015 is even better. Happy Holidays