Pockets of Joy from the Weekend

Had a good weekend. I don’t have too many photos uploaded yet but the one on top is from Friday night. Will came down from Dallas and those are some of his old frat brothers.

I had a pretty joyful weekend. Here’s my weekend joy list.

  • Will came to visit. We hardly got to see each other because unexpected events (my bad) but we managed a few drinks Friday and we’re grabbing yogurt on campus today before he heads back to Dallas.
  • I treated Brandi (because she cooks and spoils me) to Dear John. She’s a big Nicholas Sparks fan. I have to say Channing tatum is hot!
  • Dave, Brandi, and I tipped our hats off to Valentine’s day (I do this often- acknowledge love day) by watching a film screening on desire at the Blanton Museum. More on this later.
  • Tried out a new dim sum place (more on this later).
  • Watched the second half of the Super Bowl.
  • Had homemade green chicken enchiladas while watching a comedy with Brandi and Jessica.
  • I had 8 hours of sleep Saturday night. Something I hardly ever swing.

What’s on your weekend joy list?