Portrait Session: Treavor & Dan

Treavor & Dan

It was around my 31st birthday when my mom first met Treavor. He had just driven down to Austin from Dallas to celebrate my birthday. He made me this video, which still makes me smile. He also sent me pink-tipped purple roses to work. He stayed the night with me and my parents drove into Austin that next day. He hung around so he could meet them. When mom saw the flowers he gifted me, she asked if he was single. I said that he was. She said, “I can’t wait to see who becomes his boyfriend. If this is how sweetly he treats you, can you imagine what kind of boyfriend he would be?”

I shared the same sentiment for a different reason. I couldn’t wait to see who Treavor’s partner would be because I wanted to see who could be his match. Who could meet him where he is, appreciate him wholly, and give him room to grow without feeling threatened or smothering him? Who will laugh with him and go on adventures with him? Who will inspire him to keep striving to be better versions of himself? It’s a tall order I want for all my friends.

When Treavor started to date Dan, he gushed and gushed. It was such a pleasure to witness how smitten with each other these two are from afar and through the lens of social media. When Treavor requested I have a couple’s portrait session with them, I was honored but also a little nervous. The first time I’d be meeting Treavor’s “Dansome”, I’d also be charged with trying to convey their affection for each other through photography.

Within the first moments of meeting Dan though, what little nerves I had dissipated. He is gentle. He is approachable. He is observant and thoughtful. He likes Asian food. He prefers savory foods over sweets. I mean, he might be my kindred spirit! Oh, and most importantly, he’s crazy about Treavor and Treavor is crazy about him.

Treavor & Dan

Treavor & Dan

Treavor & Dan

Treavor & Dan

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  • Melissa

    Great pics, Linda!! If you ever need a challenge and want to photograph 2 crazy subjects, I have just the right assignment for you! 😜

    • Thanks Melissa!

      Haha. Your two adorable subjects are naturals in front of the camera!

  • San


  • lisasyarns

    This is such a sweet post! I’m so glad that your friend has found such a great match!!