sometimes my horoscope is right on the money

How are your finances doing? Take another look at your bank account today, because there could be an accounting error or forgotten past due payment waiting for you to notice. Little details have been falling through the cracks lately, and while you certainly think you know why that’s been the case, the reasons don’t matter anymore. To get back on the ball, pay more attention to your health. Book yourself at least 9 hours of sleep soon, and skip the caffeine for a while.

Kim assigned me homework. Get 18-20 hours of sleep this weekend. Yesterday I was flying through my day, and I mean flying, on three hours of sleep. I think the adrenaline of all the meetings, visits, and paperwork I had to get done yesterday got my adrenaline up. Also, I do need to be more mindful of money and look at my credit card bill. My case of TMJ turned out to be a hefty case.

Last night I fed the girls gumbo. Emeril’s recipe. It took 3 hours to make the night before and I must say I felt accomplished. Was a little intimidated by everyone stressing to me how important it is not to burn the roux so for 45 minutes I stirred and stared at the flour and oil. But it turned out delicious. I’m starting to get used to this soft/liquid diet. It’s not so bad anymore.

I’m ecstatic it’s Friday and we have a work happy hour at Shady Grove today after work. Free food :) I’m ready for down time. These past few weeks I’ve been feeling a little misanthropic. I just like my girls to have gumption and my guys to have balls. More and more I’m starting to see that it’s not uncommon for guys to just be pansies. It’s even more upsetting to see that a lot of them are my acquaintances. Hopefully, it’s just my age group?