Plans change. Shit happens. Moan if only for a little and then revamp your plans and hop to it.

So much easier said then done. It’s hard to let go of that master plan. Whatever it is. A job that extends you luxuries you dreamed of as an undergrad. A boy that was suppose to be the one. A car that was suppose to last 2 more years to give you more time to save for a better car. Perpetual lessons in life yet it doesn’t cease to stun us each time we relearn it. Starting over from scratch reminds me of the futility and absurdity of life. It doesn’t really matter what you’ve acquired and accomplished, it could be swept away quickly and randomly. Maybe the Buddhists were onto something when they encourage you to not form attachments to anything. That that is one of the sources of pain. Hm.

I went car shopping for the first time in my life. Bing took me. Test drove an Altima and a Camry. I fell in love with the Altima.. I love the proximity smart key thing and the leather package complete with sun roof and butt warmers. But I just can’t afford it on top of other bills. I WAS a little delusional at first.. but Michael with the help of Excel spreadsheets brought me back to earth. Looks I have to settle for a more economical car. Another Corolla or a Civic then.

I guess better to lose a car than other things. (Knock on wood)