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Celebrating Both the Magical and Mundane Through the 1 Second App

I started documenting my life in video form, one second a day in 2017 and am loving what the video compilation looks like so far at 5 months. The app I use is called 1 Second Everyday.

What I love about it is it’s quick and in a unique video format. It satisfies the sentimental diarist in me by giving me colorful, moving slices of my everyday life. Some of my favorite seconds captured thus far is my dad making Bob play the piano, indoor skydiving, riding a Mardi Gras parade float, and Sugarface being goofy. I’ve always thought there is magic in the mundane and love that this is a heartfelt timecapsule I can hopefully keep for the rest of my life.

I will say the biggest challenge of taking on this documentation project is remembering to film a one second video while I’m out and doing something interesting. There are many days where I get home and remember with bitter disappointment that I forgot to film that interesting thing I did or the people I was with. On those days, I half grudgingly and half lovingly film my dogs.

So how about you? Are you sentimental? How do you store and archive your memories?